Graham Jan 10

I felt it last night
With a broken heart
The beaming light at the end of my darkened heart
My emotions were sky high
It was true
I could feel the rush of esctasy going all through,
It was real
You made me feel numb all over again
After all the lies I told myself
Its not worth it, I'm not wor-
If only the pieces could fit once more
I'm trying so hard,
Not to be alone
But its not enough
Its hard to find love in my throat
When hate is all I can conjure
All an act of pretence
I felt it last night
With a broken heart
I could feel its pieces inside me
How am I to fight this emotions?

  Jan 7 Graham

It's never fun,
banging on the heart of another  
trying to get in when the key just, never really fit.

How can you love someone correctly,
when you're so angry over another?
Graham Jan 2

At this point
I feel so much more
My emotions running wild
The echoes of my loneliness
Becomes a widespread karaoke

At this point
My feelings becomes vague
No clear tone to my emotions
The bass of the broken
Becomes a favourite to those who understands...

At this point
There's no point hiding in the shadows
Insomnia, depression, you name it
I know it all

At this point
I'm damaged
And this is my mayday signal.

Graham Jan 2

I know its short
It might not be what you expected
You ordered for tall & handsome
Yet you got short & weird
This is unprecented too
I know words can't cut the deal
How can they?
Beautiful can't begin to come close
To what my eyes can see in you
I believe God rested on the seventh day
To see how impeccable you were
I love every little thing bout you
Down to the tiniest bit
If only I had a chance to love you outright,
But I don't, cos in my head
I could never have you
If only I could live in my fantasy
But thats where my chapter ends
Cos every time I try to move forward
Thats when my head is wide awake
To my very own reality.

Graham Jan 2

How could I have known?
That every part of me was in pain
How could I?
When all that was, all that is
Is a boy whose numb
How could I have known?
That my heart was in pieces
How could I?
When all that was, all that is
Is a boy whose all but broken
How could I have known?
That I could ever taste success
How could I?
When all that was, all that is
Is a boy who knows failure up close
How could I have known?
That it was a show of love
How could I?
When all that was,  all that is
Is a boy that sees the hate of the world

How could I have known?

Graham Jan 2

"We need to talk? "
In this scary moment
My heartbeat's off completely
All I've done was leading to this
To this exact moment
Where I could feel every breathe of you
I could feel the anxiety kicking in
How could?
Now I understood my tears
How it feels like a river deep in my eyes
The headaches from crying too much
The pain of rejection
I understand now
What it means to love someone than they did you,
Please stay my dear
I would love you
Till I cease from time
All this time I've missed you
But am just back-dated
A race against time
I wish you had said "I Love you, But".

  Dec 2017 Graham

In the darkest black of forests
Where the bears refuse to sleep
Stands a small foreboding cabin
Near an endless running creek

With shutters on the windows
Flapping in the breeze
The light inside is dull blood red
Just bright enough to tease

Legend says a witch lives there
Who steals poor children's souls
She takes their hopes and boils them up
But no one really knows

But what I've heard on moonless nights
Can freeze you to your bones
Children's screams, their souls ripped out
Are coming from that home

And sometimes cackled laughter sings
And sometimes all is still
I beg you not approach that house
As blood of yours might spill

Let not the scent of Apples stewed
Entice your children near
For if the legend does speak truth
Their souls will die in fear

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