Graham 2d

All my life
I've been in search of the light
Being stuck in the tunnel is no joke
It's total depression
Something darker than darkness resides within..
You can see the scars made from every pain quite clearly in the dark..
All you can hear are the echoes of your teardrops..
All my life
I've had glimpses of the green light
A sequel of paradise
Where your body & soul is at peace
And life feels good
It was wonderful
But it was just a glimpse
As it's still dark
But am hopeful,
Hopeful, I will get to see the light at my tunnel..
And actually see the green light
Which means my "Happiness".

Pursuit of happiness
Graham 4d

Everyone knew
What we couldn't see
They placed bets
On what we couldn't feel
They were interventions
On something problematic we couldn't solve..
They had already chosen
What our hearts couldn't choose
They  saw you & I as "Us"
We saw us as just "You & I"
They said we were complicated
But we were just simply weird
They said we're In denial
Ya, we already knew deep down
You fell in love
As did I
They said we were perfect
That was true, for you
But not me
Your heart's a rockstar
Mine was in a million pieces
Everyone saw the light in you
As I lurked in the shadows
Everyone gave up on us
But not you
You believed in our fairytale
Everyone saw a ghost in me
As did you
I was soon too fade away

Graham 7d

You love him
You felt butterflies whenever
He was weird and all, "you thought"
But you still loved him
He was your dose of ecstasy
All seemed like a fairytale
Until his face didn't show care
He was getting complicated to understand
You stayed still
Waiting patiently on the sidelines
Until he was no longer..
He became a ghost in his shell
Yet deep down you loved him as a ghost
You couldn't still see through his heart
He finally became a ghost
Seeking life again
But you needed fresh air
So you let him go
But as your heart beats
You will always love him

Graham 7d

You love her
Her love was all you wanted
Her smile was all the grace you needed
She was your dream come true
Your life was a bit of a mess
Till your eyes grazed hers
You were broken in ways so many
Until she came with her superpowers
She was your superstar
She was your beautiful fantasy
With her you grew up
In ways only she could have helped
She was your passion
She was...
If only your emotions were visible
And not just shades of poetry
You would have told her
How you really felt
That you truly loved her
Deep down you still love her.

Graham Nov 7

"Don't look at me like that"
Thin or Fat
Why should you get to body shame me?
So as to get fame
And feel like u've conquered someone who wasn't armed..
Am human just like you, with legs & arms
But you don't get to see that
You see only what you wanna see
The flaws that makes you tick
Don't look at me that way
Yeah those are my scars now
Made by your claws
They clawed deep into my inner being
Leaving a scar too deep to be seen
With a sword depression battles in
I yield
Am like a broken glass now
Too shattered to feel whole
All because you looked at me that way
No one is perfect
But we are close to perfection in our own way...
Am awake now
No more in the nightmare you built me
Don't look at me like that
For I am beautiful.

Be real, Be original.... Don't just stare with
your killer eyes
Graham Nov 7

I still remember
I still remember the first time
The first time I saw you
There was no butterfly in my belly
But I knew something wonderfully made was bout to start..
I was simply attracted to your pretty face
And that hazel eyes of yours...

I still remember
The first time you said "hello"
It was as if a melodious tune was set to play..
I was completely shy up, down to my knees

I still remember
The first time you smiled at me
It was ruins up in my head
Cos' the lil guys up there couldn't find the perfect reply..
So I graciously gave an awkward smile
But right there I felt a butterfly

I still remember
The first time we touched
I felt a spark
A passionate firework
Ready to burst deep in my heart
That day all them butterflies I felt in my belly.

There's always that feeling inside and you know, you just know
Graham Nov 7

Dear heart,
Am sorry
I cheated on you
Am sorry
I was the one to break you
I gave you less attention than I did "Mind"
He was more interactive
That he captivated my thoughts
He was a thinker
That he could solve my problems
Without showing too much emotions
So I believed
He sold me different ideas on life
He became peculiar
Little did I know he was soon to start playing tricks on me..
That he called "mind games".

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