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Graham Dec 2021
I want to sniff out peace by the shadows
Take in those heavenly dust
As frostily as they come
I want my pain to swim with the needles
Flowing down the connected vines
And ease the sins of thy children
I want to be addicted to ecstasy
To feel the surging push of emotions
Let my eyes see further than the truth
Whilst zoning out in pursuit of happiness

Don't swap your drugs for peace
Graham Dec 2021
I don't know if my pen would say the truth
I would be lying if I said I was too
Honestly, my heart has been slow to booth
A lifetime of cupid's has seen me through
Arrows aloft have passed through me
Do not try to pour out those fizzled words
Screaming "I wanna know what love is"
Do not ignore the warning signs
Please do not trespass
A lifetime of hurt would be your teacher
Pin your heart desires to the public library
Let them learn of heartbreak & the pain of it all
  Nov 2019 Graham
Why can't my
Heart be empty?
Graham Oct 2019
Feelings in the shadow

Don't look down
There's an empty between what you may see
Darkness prevails so I'm blinded
But not from the tinglings you may feel
I'd go numb to forget
But nah, I love the feeling
But the feelings are intertwined with darkness
The shadows may be an illusion
What to do, I'm burnt
Between a mountain to conquer
But when conquered do the fallen rise again?
Do they feel within the shadows?
I'll just shine the light from my heart
Give thy life in my breath
To bring me back to life
To feel again what the butterflies once showed me
I'll embrace rather than shy away
In a land far far away
Happily eve after way, I'll tread
Atlast, I can see
I can see the light at the tunnel
Through your eyes
Through your heart
Your soul
Through your every touch..
Graham Oct 2019
I told someone
I wouldn't cry today
I lied, I had already started
Only she could not see
It was terrifying
I'm scared
In so much pain
I'm filled with sadness
I'm broken
I lost hope
My faith had vanished
There's no will left in me
If the devil had whispered into my ear
I would have listened
I had become the disappointment I envisioned for myself
It was terrifying
I'm scared
In so much pain
I'm filled with this darkness
Even the devil wouldn't get close to this broken vessel
I've lost all hope
There's no will left in me
I wouldn't cry today
I told someone.
Graham Oct 2019
Death craved my heart
She loved the scent of me
She moved to my every rhythm of thy beating heart
Death sent herself to me
She was beautiful
I played the long game
Hard to get; she smiled
Death to wrote love letters of condolences to me
Bringing me flowers in the process
Death tried to woo me with accidents
She even seduced me with suicidal thoughts
I struggled to get the thought of her out
She was beautiful made
I finally gave in..
Can I have this dance? She asked
With the undertakers theme song playing..
She took me out bungee jumping with a noose
And I soon fell in love.
Graham Oct 2019
The tears

My heart became dark
Loosing every ounce of redness to it's pump
So it became heavy
The thunderstorms were the aches that pained right through
The tears broke down my face
As every drop of storm was just the beginning
It poured and poured till there was no more
Till I became sickled to end the storm
There was gon' be light after the storm had passed
A symbol of hope I guess
But my heart had stopped
Underneath the storm I was..
All that was left is the cold I feel.
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