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Colten Sorrells Feb 2019
spark the fire, and with each inhale,
I begin to drift further
in and out
of consciousness

deeper in,
further down
and somewhere between
exists inspiration

coming through
in waves

so I jot down what I can
because I don't remember dreams so well

but other times,

I just enjoy the vibrations
as they pass through every cell of my body
Colten Sorrells Feb 2019
she ignites a compassion
in me that burns
like the literal sun
as I do in her

but this is only
Supernova on the surface
the union runs deeper
than the furthest reaches
of the blue dark

and as it ebbs and flows
with the moon
a lot of its' secrets
remain yet uncovered
Colten Sorrells Feb 2019
sometimes, I'll still smoke
out of a **** soda can
just to remind me
smoke fat cones, but never forger where you came from
Colten Sorrells Feb 2019
God is the rabbit
the dogs chase, and when they stop,
Satan, the excuse
Colten Sorrells Feb 2019
your age, your title
all these cease to matter when
we shed the casing
Colten Sorrells Feb 2019
The Arctic Monkeys rattle my brain
nearly into a trance
while the lyrics cut
into my subconscious,
leaving me just a hint of sober

while she's sleeping, I slave
bleed my brain into this blank screen,
into this ******* machine,
so my feelings can be made public,
yet for the most part, unseen

it's odd, you know, I feel
further isolated, yet somehow,
part of something bigger, something,
I don't know, eternal,
when I feed this dysfunctional family
I'm a starving technician, because my profession doesn't pay, rather it robs me of my sleep, my peace, and some of my sanity
Colten Sorrells Feb 2019
mid-day reveries
leave me many miles away
in another time

if I only worked
like I tried to avoid work
the world would be impressed

"just do the dishes!"
I tell myself, but I can't
seem to get focused

"why can't you be normal?"
I ask myself
in reply, I scream internally

I'm blessed with a curse
that leaves me dreaming
and drifting away

I'm sorry, love
I don't mean to ignore you, it's just
so nice over here on my little cloud
Colten Sorrells Feb 2019
I promise I will hold your heart forever next to mine
and chase the demons from the darkest corners of your mind
I'll never leave you sad alone, or standing in the rain
I'll never keep you up at night, or cause you any pain

I'll kiss you under cloudy skies and understand your worth
and gaze into your starry eyes and notice all the hurt
I'll elevate your life always, I'll keep you in the clouds
I promise I won't clip your wings to keep you on the ground

I promise I will always fight for what our hearts believe is right
I promise often to embrace your full, sweet lips upon my face
I'm down until you make me stop enjoying you to the last drop
and promise I will always keep a fascination with your sleep
and that as long as I'm alive to make the effort, make the time
I promise I will hold your heart forever next to mine
words inspired by babygirl45s most commonly-used words,
and of course, the love she floods my system with daily
Colten Sorrells Jan 2019
I've learned a little
that was enough to make me
appreciate dogs
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