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William Marr Dec 2017
At Arlington, someone
Unknown goes down

The thousands, the thousands
Who have gone down in faraway fields
But who won’t die in the heart—
How do we bury
The thousands
"Hello baby, how have you been

You know I'm coming back there soon,

I'll get to tell you of things I've seen

As we sit beneath the moon

I miss you so with all my heart

And till we meet again

It's been rough to spend this time apart

So, I will wait until then.

To hold you once more in my arms

And look upon your face

You know I'll keep you safe from harm

You make my heartbeat race

We;ll have our wedding in the churchl that

We were christened in as kids

You know there church where we once sat

And as children we once hid

We'll soon be one when we are wed

Our family has begun

It;ll be like we both said

We;ll be stronger now as one.

You know I miss you every day

But you keep me alive

A safe return to you I pray

It's the goal to which I strive

It's been three years that I've been here

In this hell hole of a war

But I've been strong and shown no fear

With your love at my core

My time is short and I must go

Our squadron has to part

But in two weeks you know I;ll show

The love that's in my heart"

As I look out upon the  field

The green grass specked with white

I really think how beautiful

To see this scene so bright

There are those who've come beofre today

and stood here just like me

Of those who come for JFK

Who died in sixty three

You see I am in Arlington

To lay my love to rest

He died when he was fired on

With five more of our best

He wrote me that love letter

Post marked two weeks ago today

Our lives would be much better

When he got home from the fray.

His squad was taken quickly and

Not one of them survived

They're together now on sacred land

And my letter just arrived.

Hello baby, how have you been

You know I'm coming back there soon,

I'll get to tell you of things I've seen

As we sit beneath the moon

I miss you so with all my heart

And till we meet again

But now we're not so far apart

Now he's in Arlington.
AB Feb 2016
The sun hides in this place
The grey clouds hamper it's light.

Here the stones rest,
Long straight rows, emblazoned with names.

A sergeant here, a corporal there.
The rank no longer matters.

In battle they were brothers,
In death their stones share space.

The snow crunches underfoot moving through
The mass, a solitary crow stands sentinel.

Ever watchful, ever present,
We mourn, we respect, we love.

Men and women, they gave their lives for us.
For our sons and daughters to know better
Visited Arlington recently and I was just awestruck by it. Tried to capture it's beauty and the reverence I have for that place in this poem
There is no place like home
Where our roots have grown
Where speaking is only limited
By the words that you can make
Where you can go where you want
Because someone is buried in Arlington
Where life is precious
And victory is sweet
Where God smiled and thought,
*"Oh my that sure is pretty"
SøułSurvivør May 2015
Beautiful tribute
Tended lawns
Snow white crosses
In their throngs
Men sent out
To right the wrongs
Some were knighted
Some were pawns

There are lovely
Spreading trees
Bowing in the
Scented breeze
In the winter
There to freeze
There our nation's
On its knees

There are many
Stones for heads
Punctured by
The flying lead
There are widows
For those wed
The hearts are countless

They, too, are dead.

Memorial Day
(C) 5/25/2015
If the hearts of wives, children,
Mothers, fathers and friends
Were to be counted the earth
Wouldn't contain the dead.


— The End —