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Arke May 2018
Your wicked tongue awoke
Between crooked teeth
And a scarred smile

An accent at the boom
Of your voice; could shatter
Cities of marble to sand

The plague you've sent
As we prayed for an end
And you took your throne

But this is love, isn't it?
You whispered to us all
Through an open palm

This was all there is
And all that ever will be
You are the omega

You've slayed and conquered
But like caped crusaders fallen
You were mortal all along

And I realize that now
Whelmed through life's storm
You, too, never knew love
sanch kay Apr 2015
What I said:
What I meant:
I've missed you.
What I said:
"How was your day?"
What I meant:
I wish it had been with me.
What I said:
"Want a smoke?"
What I meant
Want to lower the smokescreen a little, love?
What I said:
"I'm hungry. Do you have food?"
What I meant:
I trust you despite my immense security about my body.
What I said:
"Meet me?"
What I meant:
I cannot sleep when I'm not in your arms.
What I said:
What I meant:
*I really, really lo-like you.

— The End —