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Mar 2017
After gazing at my mother’s serene face,
I asked her about the secret of prayer.
She glanced up at me, and a look of sheer joy appeared on her face as she Began to answer.

“My dear son,
Prayer is the gateway to an assured heart.
It is the bridge to reaching deep into your soul, and the key to eternal Happiness.
You see son,
Prayer is the key of balance in this unsteady life.
It is a guaranteed hope no matter how low you are.
It is about giving of yourself without being asked.
It is the promise to bless one life at a time.
It is giving thanks for your blessings.
Every prayer is a renewed pledge to touch one soul at a time.
It is for the times you're contemplating the beauty that is nature, and all of it’s creations.
It is a beacon of kindness and compassion.
It is the priceless gift of sending good thoughts and wishes to those Around you;
The ability to bring happiness to another soul.
It is a warm greeting.
It is planting a tree of hope and inspiration deep in the hearts of lost souls.
It is shedding tears of remorse in the middle of the night when the moon is hidden deep behind the clouds.
Prayer is about living, practicing, and loudly singing life’s happy song.
It is about radiating with so much hope and having it reach those Around you.
Prayer is the instrument which you play daily in this life.”

Hussein Dekmak
Hussein Dekmak
Written by
Hussein Dekmak  Michigan, USA
(Michigan, USA)   
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