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Just a lil stressy and depressy is all
A "poem" every day.
DaSH the Hopeful Feb 2016
Your love hanged me high
       And watched me sway
              A puppet with a master placed in a play
    *What if you go
      What if you stay?
         What does it matter to you anyway?

                          It's all written down and the stage is set
     The drama ensues and my lines are said
    As I choke
                 You pulled the string tight and cut all my ties but your rope never broke and those puppy dog eyes made me forget

             You feel so real this must be free will
              Your hand on mine is no more a guide than a dot is a line fingers long and divine purchase grip on my spine and I really start to shine a star with a mind all its own
    Super nova behind my closed eyes
     Your love is asphyxiation and gets me so high I can't breathe without it
               I'll never kick the habit
                    **I'm addicted to an addict
Arcassin B Mar 2015
By Arcassin Burnham

I don't know what I'm searching for,
(I didn't know I was looking for love)
I don't know what I'll find in store,
(I didn't know I was looking for love)
And even though we don't talk anymore,
(I didn't know I was looking for love)
Carried a lot of faith , but I need more,
(I didn't know I was looking for love).
What am I searching for
SøułSurvivør Feb 2015
~~~~~^♥^[hugs n kisses]

O how can I express
My gratitude and happiness?
O how can I convey
My feelings for you all today?

O what can I do
To make your support up to you?
What amazing words
Of greatest praise... do I deserve?

I feel so *very
My heart swells in my chest
I have no longer doubt...

Hello Poetry is GREAT!!!*

With sincere and humble *thanks
For your tremendous support...

Catherine Jarvis
This was written after
BOOKS VS MEN became a Daily Poem
a few months back.
It still applies! Thanks for all your
continued support!

I was off site for a few days due
to workload regarding my parents.
Come to find when I returned that
I had Poem of the DAY !!!!

MY FIRST ONE!!!! Thanls SO MUCH!!!

I want to ask a favor. Please repost
this poem... I want people to read
why I haven't gotten back to them.
I will do my best to read the poetry
of all you wonderful writers and
Respond to messages...



— The End —