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S Margot Mar 2019
Un respiro.
Un exhalo.
Poco a poco,
el cuerpo
analiza lo pasado.
Apago los ojos,
solo veo blanco.
Blancas las sabanas de la cama desordenada,
durante el momento en que dos almas se reencontraban.
Blanca la tela que el torso cubría,
al caminar sintiendo la arena, por la oscura noche en la que dos corazones corrían.
Blanco el destello de las estrellas percibidas,
que hacía arriba era lo que veían.
Blanca la mente, ya que fascinada y demente se encuentra.
Empeorando al desvanecerse en aquellas brillantes ventanas de tonos cafés que mesmerizan.
Mariposas blancas aleteando colman
todo aquello que al cuerpo conforma.
Un respiro.
Un exhalo.
Ahora la mente
se encuentra en relajo.
S Margot Jan 2019
Mistakes don’t describe
Who we are now
Or even
Who we will be.
Because only we can decide
How we want to be
Or what we will make
out of this life.
If change is wanted
With all our might,
Then a difference is started,
And change will happen
In the soul and mind.
S Margot Jan 2019
I make mistakes,
And that's ok.
I may drown in sadness,
And that's ok.
I have imperfections,
And that's ok.
That's what makes me human.

Are seen negatively,
When they actually are
An important piece
Of our essence inside.

However we are,
With the good things and bad,
loving ourselves
is what we need to achieve.
It will give us
A certain peace of mind.
We will fly free
Over the whole world
Outside to the universe,
And finally discover ourselves.
At the end,
We are perfect and unique,
With a personality each
That generates the real
us from within.
S Margot Jan 2019
A melody
Passes through my soul
With  much ease and calmness,
Across all the pieces
That make me whole.

Puts together
The distant parts
Of my heart and mind,
That time
Managed to pull apart,
But finding myself,
Redirected to unite again.

This melody
Is greatly appreciated,
As it represents
What we are
And what we could be.
My mind
My heart
All of those
Magnificent memories
Flash through my mind
At the instant
When that melody
Passes Through
my heart.
S Margot Jan 2019
Cuando la mente
se llena de anestesia,
es porque esta
en un paraíso oculto
de aquellos pensamientos
que me mandan a otro planeta.
S Margot Nov 2018
From here to there,
my city to yours,
it's the distance between us,
physically separating,
your heart from mine.
But we shouldn't give it,
the unique satisfaction,
of maintaining us apart:
because in reality,
our hearts are together,
and love radiates,
no matter how far away we are.
So just like that,
our hearts are like one.
Giving all the greatness we can
to feel as if we aren't apart.
And when the day comes,
and we finally see each other,
we will already know
how each beat is for us.
S Margot Nov 2018
No more captivating colors,
as with our eyes,
we welcome a greyness
created by us.

Sadness conquers,
missiles are dropped,
a whole lot of places,
are being undone.

Bodies fall to the ground,
meanwhile sitting at home,
lingers the woman
who can't sleep at night,
waiting for the nightmare
to cease at time.

Later, the wind
happens to come,
bringing devastating news,
about all of those
who at the end are lost.
Adding more
broken hearts and tears,
to an already filled up
list of heartbroken shields .

Ashes are seen
all over the sky,
but they would be better
if they had never come alive.

Memories are lost,
people are in grief,
No more battle,
please let us live.
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