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 Mar 2015 Amber
Kate Irons
which way
 Mar 2015 Amber
Kate Irons
running from myself and getting nowhere
 Dec 2014 Amber
Hello it's me
 Dec 2014 Amber
Hello it's me
Words I did not say
Words i hid away
Simple little words
I could not say

Afraid I was
To be thrown away
So I erase this words
And like that they went

But I still regret
Those three words
I didn't say
 Dec 2014 Amber
White Lies
 Dec 2014 Amber
White lies
are the
worst lies.
could mean
the least
to the liar
But they could mean
the most
to the one being lied to.
 Dec 2014 Amber
she is gone
like the waves are to the sand
she was there and
then she's not.
she is gone.
like a hand is to the shake
like the Eve is to the snake
like the sun is to the morn
she is gone.
She has gone.
like the path is to the lost.
like the trees are to the roots.
like the skin is to the snake
she is gone.
she is gone.
like the kiss is to the cheek.
like the strength is to the weak.
she is gone.
and still, and still he waits
like the river rock he shakes
but no movement will he make
she is gone.
he will bide his time like lakes
she will roll like tides
and take
what is hers and what he left
she is gone.
and still he waits
and still he waits.
and time will edge and clip
and she will
dodge and she will duck
she will shine and she will grab
still he waits.
still he waits.

thank you as always, could not be more thrilled you share in my work.
 Dec 2014 Amber
Summer Lee
You took away the things I love
My bookcase and record player
Are dusty but my bed is warm .
You blacken already genetically dark circles under my eyes
And made me too discouraged
To use concealer .
You lined things up nice and neat for me in a row to critically craniumly  understand ,
Then berated me when I couldn't currently conduct myself in front of company .
But needed to cope .™
I would love feedback and advice on my pieces .
 Dec 2014 Amber
Summer Lee
Slam me down
Into my rusted out chucks
Smack smack smack
The pavement
While you roll on bones
Mines are bruised baby
I can't keep up ,
And we both know you ain't gonna wait .
Dragging my leash behind you
Snarling at the side of the coin
You chose to be today .
Claw my face with the icicles
That shatter from your eyes
Stars falling into the ocean
Killed all the fish
Leaving the ache for days .™
 Dec 2014 Amber
Haley Elizabeth
How loud did I have to scream to be seen?
As the dirt fills my lungs I forget what It feels like to breathe
I became a ghost searching for the light that never came.
Someone turn the lights out, I'm too tired to stay awake.

— The End —