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Sunshine Tibod Jul 2018
The sheets tangle from inch to inch,

While she flinches,

Tries to catch her breath,

From the rapid movement on her bed.

The dusk suffocates,

Her anxieties and insecurities.

Strongly she grips,

As he holds her hips.

He trembles from the excitement,

As his body releases sweat.

He continues to drive her into another place,

Where their bones rest.
Sunshine Tibod Jun 2018
A set of heavy bags,
rendered just above the spine of my back
causing an ache on my neck
a never-ending disease.

A stack of complex notion,
placed inside my head
causing a terrible pain on my temples
in the middle and all over.

A feeling so weaking,
depressing, and deafening
dragging each cell
to break one by one.
Sunshine Tibod Jun 2018
why won't you control what is inside?
the pleasure you cannot hide,
the memories you bribe,
the emotions that kept you alive?
Sunshine Tibod Jun 2018
Let me feel the heat of your skin,
the intense you feel within
this wonderful moment
we linger in.

Let my fingertips play,
in your body
circling round and round.

Let me sink all my senses,
little by little
underneath your flesh.

Let me go in depth,
as I feel your heart
making a rhythm.

Let me have one last caress,
from a face i know
in my heart would last.

Let me breath with you,
I finally release you.
Sunshine Tibod Jun 2018
I want to be selfish,
so that I can finally satisfy myself
from the prolonged longing
inside my lonesome heart.

I want to seize you,
so I can finally feel
the happiness i dreamt of
from fourteen years ago.

I want to own you,
so that I will finally know
the magic that your touch can do.

I want you all by myself
because I love you with all my heart.

Yet, at the same time...
all the while,
I thought, I figured
what I really want.

I want to be selfless,
so that I can finally know
what it is like
to sacrifice.

I want to let go of you
so that I can finally
let you out
to breath.

I want to forget you
so I can finally feel free
of the ache from fourteen years ago.

I want you to be free,
because I love you with all that I've got!
Sunshine Tibod May 2018
Hot air balloons over the pink clouds of Rapture,
the birds are singing to the wind,
the brilliant sun sings along,
The butterflies are dancing above the roses,
the bees are making a beat
stamping, slapping, drumming
preparing for a feast.
In this place where wonder is a lust,
beautiful things would last.

But days passes too!
light becomes dark,
the sun hides behind the moon and the stars.
the clouds turn gray as they slowly cry
and the worms feed on the decaying flowers
the harsh wind takes the wings of the butterflies,
they can not fly; not anymore.
and the birds, oh my beautiful birds weep!
as the bees make irritating sounds
buzzing, fuzzing, popping the balloons.
and the beautiful things they gradually rot!

Oh my Rapture, my precious Rapture!
the only thing I feel within,
the ecstacy in my brain.
why, oh why?
why does Rapture turns to Despair?
the only thing that makes me feel an overwhelming pain!
Sunshine Tibod May 2018
If the yellow fades,
the dark replaces.
a hollow,
a blow,
a gasp,
a clasp,
of madness
strikes the clock.
then the tick

The yellow,
my angel.
cosmic wings,
where are you now?

The hollow,
my death.
twisted fate,
won't you leave me be?

If the dark consumes
the yellow vanishes.
a fright,
a flight,
a breath,
a death,
of luminescence.
the absence,
an evanescence.
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