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Shileigh22 Mar 2016
Peter Pan once took me home
To Neverland

I met everyone
From Captain Hook and Mr. Smee
To Tiger Lily and Tinkerbell

For as long as I could
I stayed with the Lost Boys

But I soon had enough
Of the homesickness
Swelling within

So I left Neverland
But once I returned
I saw that the home I had
Was gone
And the world I knew
Was hidden deep in smog
And metal

"Time passes quick on Neverland,"
Peter told me
"Home is gone,"
Then we flew back to Neverland
Where children came
But never left
Shileigh22 Mar 2016
Born in the past
But living in the now
And will continue to the future

Made a deal with the devil
But a soul isn't the only price
A tooth for a tooth
A lifetime for a lifetime

To see forever
One must also see
Things once loved
Shrivel and die

Not invincible
Only immortal

Is it really worth
Seeing loved ones
Grow old and pass
While you stay forever young
And helpless?
Shileigh22 Mar 2016
We say we are original
That no one person is alike

Yet how can we say this
When people obsess over celebrities
Or everyone wants to be
A part of a trend
From dances to poses

Originality is craved
Yet never truly made
Songs hold the same meaning
Words have the same impact
People think the same ways

So when one person
Thinks outside of the box
Society ridicules
And denies this person
The right to originality
We say it was already done
Shileigh22 Mar 2016
Onyx wings and silky feathers
Sadly beautiful and mesmerizingly furious
A broken soul and a shattered heart to pair
Scarred, pale skin appears translucent
A face that is beautifully depressing

Once upon a time
They walked among the stars
Now they are forced to walk amongst humans

The devil showed pity
For he was God's favorite and an angel once long ago
One wrong choice
Now he rules below

So angels become demons
Because they were once loved
But wanted more

So Lucifer showed mercy
Now they have their beauty again
Now they are angels with a dark side
Shileigh22 Mar 2016
Consider this

We tell ourselves to live in the moment
But we are afraid of change

We tell others to follow their dreams
But snicker and tease when they do

We promise to do good tomorrow
But never think about it
Unless we receive as well

We set standards of normalcy
But tell others to be different
Or be unique
And outcast them
When they become too unique

We are scared of changed
Or of being different
We are scared of stereotypes
And labels
But never do anything to change them

Consider this
Good things come from late night writing.
  Mar 2016 Shileigh22
Elise Davis
On one hand,
You're seeping in
To the most delicate
And untouched parts of my soul,

On the other,
My organs inside
Are like dry rough bark
Anyone who comes near
Is sent away with scratches on their heart,

I want to feel my whole insides become wet,
capable of unconditional love,
But I fear myself.

Many men have tried
to roll like sweet honey into my heart

Once my drunkeness has worn off
Or the initial thrill has dimmed
I scrape them off like a bug from my shoe.

When you look at me it is different,
When you look,
I can feel you seeing inside my soul in a way I can't hide,
Still I try.

I have no abandonment issues,
Or low self esteem,

I am just truly and simply a bird
When I see a cage
I become concerned.
  Mar 2016 Shileigh22
With night sky
there is usually
a moon there.
But not always.
A pale surface
beaten into—
An expression,
as if saying,
"I am tired.
I have seen too much."
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