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 Dec 2019 Natalie
let two worlds collide
forge and build a star
burn in the eternal world of love
or sink into oblivion
we did it
we burned our star
now watching it sink
into oblivion.
 Jan 2019 Natalie
i love you.
i miss you.
i need you.
please come back.
talk to me.
kiss me again.
im so sorry.
not in any specific order
 Jan 2019 Natalie
In my haze,
I watched love walk away
never saying goodbye.

"Please come back",
I wanted to call out to it
but I couldn't find my voice

In my numbness,
I couldn't bring myself to go after it.
I just laid helpless,
as it left without looking back.

I didn't even deserve it anyway.
 Jan 2019 Natalie
I want what you have, you want what I have
And the only thing we see in each others life
Are the good moments
The things, I think you like the most

But the opposite is true
We only see things we like ourselves the most
What we like about the other persons life the most
Are not the things they like the most

We should listen more
watch more
Feel more
Care more
Just to know someone else
And not only think about ourselves
 Jan 2019 Natalie
pretty girl
 Jan 2019 Natalie
pretty girl,
the boys are out to get you
they'll take away your flower
they want what's only yours

pretty girl,
blossom slowly,
stay in your cocoon for now
for summer can only last so long
and soon it will be over
 Dec 2018 Natalie
Love is like a Frida Kahlo painting
It doesn’t make sense
It’s a bit absurd
Vibrant, definitely
And leaves you wanting more
Older than ourselves
Yet with a spirit younger than anything else
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