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Natalie Apr 2019
is not

People are.

those who could not love
are those who could not find

their minds
their hearts

it is all in the eye of the beholder
it only matters
whether we choose to see it
or not.
Natalie Mar 2019
isn't it wonderful
how a heart can be broken
over and over
and still have power to love.
Natalie Feb 2019
7 billion realities
each of us consumed in own own
living in the comfort of our cubicles
playing out our stories
day by day
living so small
in such an infinite universe
where all life is born to die

7 billion lives
fighting to survive
in this mysterious, vague cycle we label as life
with an enigmatic sense of understanding of what it truly is
each perceive their own perceptions
each believe their own deceptions
we all strive for perfection
when perfection doesn't exist
it is an abstract concept created by man himself
this seed of "idealism" planted into the mind of society
eats away at the purity of the innocence a child is born with
we do not live in a utopia
neither an apocalypse
but in a perfectly imperfect balance
an equilibrium of the two
but we fail to achieve harmony
to find peace
we fail to come together in unity
there are humans but no humanity
all scavenging for scraps of sanity
in a world of madness
in a deranged realm of hunger and greed
in this ephemeral illusion
which will one day cease to exist

where are the lost souls that wish to be found?
where are the voices, that wish to be heard?
where is the love that can stretch beyond the seas and the skies?
where is the good in the power of mankind?
and so I ask, in the name of the people
where are the people?
Natalie Feb 2019
My guardian angel has left
now it's my turn, little one
to be the mentor
the teacher
the preacher
your coach
take my hand
I'll pull you out of the blue
I won't let you die

listen; learn
you seek the waters
for water provides temporary comfort
yet you must walk through the fire
but you're afraid you'll burn to ash
that you are a phoenix
that will rise up with all power and might
ready to conquer the world, it will take flight
soar above the seas and the skies
majestic in the eyes
of those who once despised
the little bird who was too scared to fly
open your eyes little one
don't blind yourself
see the beauty in this world
see the beauty in you...
like I do
walk through the scorching flames
and see, young apprentice
the masterpiece you'll create
with your very own mind.
Natalie Jan 2019
You ask me how I've been
I tell you I'm fine
I'm usually not
but the thought
that I have been through so much
come this far
been there for myself
all alone
It keeps peace in my mind
for I know
that till the day I die
I will always have me by my side
holding my own hand
patting my own back
and smiling through it all
'till the happy days rush back in .
Natalie Jan 2019
A paradox they are,
pain and pleasure
one cannot exist
without the other.

Feelings, transient
you cannot feel love forever
you cannot feel anger
or sadness

You cannot immortalize emotions
they'll fade away
but what won't is our memories
that will stay

But happiness is temporary
and temporary, is what I had with you.
Natalie Jan 2019
Here's something about moving on
It isn't pretending the other person doesn't exist
It isn't wiping out the memories
or deleting  pictures and chats
that's too easy

It is in acknowledging their existence
being able to see them
hear their voice
look them in the eyes
and still feel nothing
neither love nor anger, not even sadness...
just nothing

It is in being able to still smile when thinking of the memories
and merely appreciate those moments
and regret not even a minute of it
because they were  special
and taught you so much

It is in being able to face that person
and think "I don't want this anymore"

That's when you can truly say
that you have genuinely moved on
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