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Natalie Sep 2018
you call yourself a hopeless romantic
because you've repeatedly failed at love
but you overlook the fact
that a hundred girls
are fantasizing about you this very instant

you're insecure about your looks
because you were bullied for it long ago
the memories taunt you, haunt you
yet you choose to ignore
how a hundred girls
drool at the sight of your chiseled physique

you think you're not good enough for love
that you won't find the perfect girl
you wont find perfection, that's a fact
but one day when you find the one
she will be perfect for you, and you for her
and the hundred girls will be sobbing,
hopelessly craving your love
to my hopeless romantic...
sad part is, i'm one of the hundred...
Natalie Mar 2022
from strangers to friends

Friends who talk till their eyes close shut
Friends who laugh till the sun comes out
Friends who cry together till the blue jays wake up


nobody sees it
but it's clear as day

just Friends
Natalie Jul 2018
The way you make my heart race
The way you open up my eyes
The way my face lights up at the very sight of yours

Thinking about you keeps me up at night
Just like caffeine rushing through my system
When I used to love you...
Natalie Jul 2018
At the very start,
I was deep in the water.
You gave me your hand
and you gave me your heart.
You pulled me out
and while catching my breath
I lay on your chest
felt your heartbeat sync with mine
It was beautifully perfect.

Ever since
I blindly trusted you
So the next time
I climb onto the diving board
blindfold on.
I readily jump headfirst.
I knew in my heart
That I would jump into a mysterious blue
and you would save me again
like you did the first time.

My frail body did not meet waters.
My skin did not glide against bubbling waves.
but instead
I hit something else.
That shattered me.
That bruised me.
You broke me.
And there my body lay
on a dry, busted floor.

Where did you go?
Why did you leave?
The beginning of a relationship is great until one of them loses interest...This is not what i meant when i said you were my rock.
Natalie Jan 2019
all was calm
the air was still, undisturbed
but there came your voice
disrupting the peace
your scent, detonating
a mysterious magnetism
drew me closer and closer to you
yet pushed you farther and farther from me
I further fall, deep
like my pain, buried inside this broken soul
to hide the woes and heartache
while your fuse gets shorter
as time burns
impatience seizes your mind
I tried to preserve it, and make it last
but the bomb has set off
and there I lay on the shattered floor
trying to revive cold corpses
knowing they're dead
but still, hopelessly
looking for that one person
who I can call "home"
Natalie Aug 2018
don't you hide
under that waterline
as light hits
you beautifully shine
don't ever hesitate to fall
crying isn't shameful at all
dear little tear
I sense your fear
you fear the criticizm
the laughs
the ridicule and pain
but know one thing dear friend
you have so much to gain
nature made it this way
let yourself drop free
it isn't a weakness
it makes us stronger, you see
I'd love you to stay
but it's time to say goodbye
you've lingered for too long
you must part from the eye
It’s okay to cry just as it is okay to smile...
Natalie Jan 2019
A paradox they are,
pleasure and pain.
one cannot exist
without the other.

Feelings, transient
you cannot feel love forever
you cannot feel anger
or sadness,

You cannot immortalize emotions
they'll fade away
but what won't is our memories
those will stay

But happiness is temporary
and temporary, is what I had with you.
Natalie Jul 2018
I believe in genuine love
I believe in exceptional coincidence
in luck
and in the existence of hope

I believe in miracles
I believe in chance
in spontaneity
and in the beauty of unexpected occurrences

And I truly believe
that one day
when i least expect it
i will find my safe haven,
my happy place,
and serendipity will take me there,
just like it helped me find you.
Natalie Mar 2019
isn't it wonderful
how a heart can be broken
over and over
and still have power to love.
Natalie Jan 2019
Here's something about moving on
It isn't pretending the other person doesn't exist
It isn't wiping out the memories
or deleting  pictures and chats
that's too easy

It is in acknowledging their existence
being able to see them
hear their voice
look them in the eyes
and still feel nothing
neither love nor anger, not even sadness...
just nothing

It is in being able to still smile when thinking of the memories
and merely appreciate those moments
and regret not even a minute of it
because they were  special
and taught you so much

It is in being able to face that person
and think "I don't want this anymore"

That's when you can truly say
that you have genuinely moved on
Natalie Apr 2019
is not

People are.

those who could not love
are those who could not find

their minds
their hearts

it is all in the eye of the beholder
it only matters
whether we choose to see it
or not.
Natalie Jul 2018
I would introduce myself
I've been in here
for so long
I forgot my name.
I don't exactly know
where I am...
It's a vacant space
a room
with white walls
white ceiling
white floor.
But it's odd.
I can't seem to spot any corners
or boundaries
I'm just here
maybe in some kind of dream
but I feel awake.
I'm numb
but I feel pain somehow
It's all just
All I can do here
is let my hazy thoughts consume me
day by day
Till I fade away
along with these undefined
Yet so defined lengths.
Natalie Feb 2019
7 billion realities
each of us consumed in own own
living in the comfort of our cubicles
playing out our stories
day by day
living so small
in such an infinite universe

7 billion lives
fighting to survive
in this mysterious, vague cycle we label as life
we only see our own perceptions
believe our own deceptions
we all strive for perfection
when perfection doesn't exist.
it is an abstract concept created by man himself
this seed of "idealism" planted into the mind of society
eats away at the purity of the innocence a child is born with
we do not live in a utopia
neither an apocalypse
but in a perfectly imperfect balance
an equilibrium of the two
but we fail to achieve harmony
to find peace
we fail to come together in unity
there are humans but no humanity
all scavenging for scraps of sanity
in a world of madness
in a deranged realm of hunger and greed
in this ephemeral illusion
which will one day cease to exist

where are the lost souls that wish to be found?
where are the voices, that wish to be heard?
where is the love that can stretch beyond the seas and the skies?
where is the good in the power of mankind?
and so I ask, in the name of the people
where are the people?

— The End —