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Natt Dec 2019
let two worlds collide
forge and build a star
burn in the eternal world of love
or sink into oblivion
we did it
we burned our star
now watching it sink
into oblivion.
Natt Jul 2019
I’d like to believe that my inspiration does not just come from love or heartbreak...
Yet the only time I find myself writing
is when I’m in one of these moods.
Natt Jun 2019
did we end it where it all started?
that place will always be memorable
me running after you in the streets,
you making sure I don’t fall,
me laughing at you for getting scared,
where you asked me to be with you,
watching the nonexistent sunset,
walking in the wind while freezing,
you putting your arm around me,
in love.
  Jun 2019 Natt
love is not made of giving and taking in equal parts
it is not a favor for a favor
i owe you nothing

love is not a compromise reached after long deliberation
it is not hurting on Monday
and healing on Tuesday

love is not touching because you will leave if i do not
it is not feigning naivety
when you see me cry

love is not the untimely squandering of innocence
it is not the suffocating grip of guilt
it is not your unwelcome touch

love is not
love is not
love is not
Natt Jun 2019
There’s a million different possibilities on how our story could end
I just hope we end up in the part where we both choose to be together
Natt May 2019
how are you managing to slowly turn all the **** yous into I love yous
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