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niqniq 2d
but how could I have known that heartbreak begins with a kiss
niqniq Jul 22
cover up your cleavage
you look like a *****
show some skin, though
or else they'll get bored
you've got to be perfect
shake us to our core
we are your source of validity
niqniq Jun 14
she keeps her options open
but she keeps her heart closed
she writes your name with a ballpen
but she tells you to tattoo hers
niqniq Apr 14
It was a wedding
That was when I saw her
You know, her
The one I've been waiting for
She was beautiful
She was funny
She was simply put,
Because unfortunately,

It was her wedding.
A fictional man finds himself too late for his distant cousin's wedding, and too late to have the girl of his dreams.
I was supposed to make a short story out of this idea but decided against it.
niqniq Apr 14
we're as empty as the bottles we just finished
we're as loved as the couple of cats we kicked
we're as fulfilled as any other man is
we're as useless as the kisses that we give

we mistook our lust and named it love
to the point that it's become our god
but it's better than the nothingness i feel
every time i head to the house i live in
niqniq Apr 14
your voice cracks under the weight of your words
and i'm left trying to piece you back together
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