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A Jung Lim Apr 2020
When the sky changes its colors
Red, rose, orange, yellow inclining light to dark blue
It covers all our busy life and sends a sign
Introducing a slide to another world

Reserved only
Once a day

So at every time
Until the last day of my life
I will just let myself plunge
When encountering this sight
A Jung Lim Apr 2020
In eastern and western
northern and southern regions
in the world

A story that comes
from long ago
to never end

The story of
a hero

The one who
is pulled by unknown power of nature
and who
finally, embraces that power
to be the giant nature

Same story
born in every human

to search a missed piece of oneself
as a question to complete the mission of vital-being

We discover who we are
Seeing the hero deep in mind
A Jung Lim Mar 2020
In the darkness and calmness
I pull my awaken body up
to turn on the first light.

And it starts.

The first signal twinkles
like fireflies
around a gray branch of a floated sea tree.

Now turning to the opposite side

I let the second light on
a glass lamp light with piled Himalayan sea salt
like morning sunlight through translucent clouds.

Still calm
but my space has arisen
with notes of some sea
and some forest by light.

In my secret space
I call my own morning
celebrating another day opening.
A Jung Lim Mar 2020
Too much thinking.

My room might get a bomb and throw the disorder
in my head.
A Jung Lim Feb 2020
Crashed left
Crushed right

I was running, running
not knowing what happens
as I couldn't understand
as nobody understood me


But just kept running, running
as it was the only thing that I could do
as it was the only way to mirror myself falling down

At that time

But at the bottom of myself
something that handled me
My other voice

you will get your wings
Inside of you
A growing butterfly

Make a shell

The dazzling butterfly
waiting for its time
A Jung Lim Feb 2020
Who lied that the moon hung only in the sky?

I poured the moon in my teacup.
It was floating.

Mouthful moonlight.
Glorious celebration of an orchestra
from scattered crickets.
A Jung Lim Feb 2020
On your way of travel,
let yourself feel the vibration of scent.

It is not only your feet that can lead you,
but also your whole body and soul.

when you lose yourself,
you may discover the present
that the world has prepared for you.

And maybe,
you will find out a piece of the puzzle
that you have been seeking.
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