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LolaPark Oct 2018
The old man said:
The key to contentment is to find yourself
deep within yourself until you can learn to drown out the voices of the world.
For so long, I was confused about what he was trying to say. Now I think I understand. It's all about believing in our own capability to handle life as it comes. Other people's validation may seem nice and sometimes it is but it is never to be our main source of motivation or strength. What other people think about us does not determine our ability to be sufficient. We have to understand who we are and be comfortable with ourselves; our hopes, dreams, strengths, and failures too. Because when we understand all of the beautiful, ****, dark, and beautifully dark parts that live within us and learn to accept them, we can lovingly work to better ourselves. I read a quote today, "Wherever we're trying to go, we do not bully ourselves there. We believe ourselves there."-Leeana T. When we love our own self enough to stop listening to the chatters of world, we can finally let go of our self-loathing and take a step forward to being content.
Cay Genevro Sep 2015
Don’t cry because they told you
that their love has slipped away.
Because when I was young, I knew a boy
who watched the sun rise everyday.

So one morning, I sat out with him,
I sat silently in awe.
But because he had seen so many rise
6 a.m. was all he saw.
He was blind to the beauty of the sun,
because he started taking it for granted.
But as I watched, I couldn’t speak
and I found myself enchanted.

We all deserve the love of someone
who will watch us rise time & time again.
Someone who will never see us
as just another 6 a.m.
Vince Tanaka Sep 2016
Love, happiness, contentment the things I learned from you,
Hardships, struggle, pain the things I endure for you.

They say I should distant myself away from you,
But that's the thing I cannot do to you.

In every move that you make I'm watching you,
Behind your back I'm always here waiting for you.

I'm weak but I'm getting strong because of you,
I want to be kind and brave like you.

You chase all the problems in front of you,
Then you smile like it was nothing to you.

All I ever want is to be with you,
To become happy and to grow old with you.

Saying you love me and my importance to you,
Is the very reason why I fall for you.

The girl that makes me happy it was you,
Each day will never be the same without you.
Take the thistle
seen by the roadside
that is remarkable
in your eyes above all
for its color, and for its
solitude, and set it in a
*** of good soil in
your house, upon
the window-sill.
There let it sit,
day in and day out,
crown turned
sunwards, and its
leaves outstretched.
Guard it well
from those insects
that would
devour it, and
give it water,
once per week.
Hold it as a
***** friend,
as a child,
before whose
passing shall
leave the world
many times its
number, that the
likeness of the
thistle be always
kept in memory,
and in time.

Here, and in such things,
is found beauty.
Do not deign to achieve.
Do not strive to suffer.
Aspiration is naive.
Forget the stars, leave the gutter.

Hope's a hopeless hobby.
Nihilistic mother
taught steely melancholy.
Forget the stars, leave the gutter.

Wisdom dashes all wishes.
In egodeath, discover
how free a nebbish is.
Forget the stars, leave the gutter.
We are not indebted
to Indian givers stellar:
stardust smarts our fetish.
Forget the stars, leave the gutter.

The stars eat their young.
Orion universe, hunters,
whose lotus lights stun slums.
Forget the stars, leave the gutter.

Do not deign to achieve.
Do not strive to suffer.
Aspiration is naive.
Forget the stars, leave the gutter.
Debbie Brindley Jul 2018
Lifes tragically hard
more things going wrong

Sometimes I do wonder
how sorrowful
the lyrics would be
if written as a song

A song of great love
and trust

Of passion

Of illness  
and fear

Of anger
and heartbreak
over the one I hold dear

What sad lyrics they'd be
If my life with you
were a song
JS CARIE Nov 2018
Home and contentment are synonymous
The desire to reach,
while innate or evident
quiet or curious
keeps a continuum over discrepant cultures, the world over
An opulence of love and warmth
Having one ingredient can make fertile the other
One without the match, make an ordinary or secondary batch
Making one rich with joy, their other can be broke and remote
seeking satisfaction

Home is not a location
or bricks of residence
But a written word in deep established sentiment
An atmosphere cloaked in the unfalter
The taking of arms to conclude their hold
developed in elements of the affectionate
No disaster, constructed or natural
could alter

As I am now,
locked in the shadow of shades lost
surrendering independent power in a momentary yield,
On hands and knees, bloodshot and in need of a shield...
In need of my one...
the imperative relevance of feeling her
That selfish influential significance that creates safe harbor at journeys end
Generated by the glow of resolve
in the home of her arms contentment
Technosmith Jan 28
The fluttering curtains. The rough stone wall.
The rhythm of the leaves in concert with the wind chimes.

A fertile space, bombarded by life, love, tragedy.

The thin film of perspiration responding to the warm tea.
The cup cooling to ambient.

An ageing body shaped by rich diverse experience.
A backward glance to a faraway waning peak.

Countless journeys guiding me here.
Tomorrows destinations biased by passion and purpose.
Mystery, uncertainty, yet infinite clarity bound together.
An unconscious knowing, omnipresent.
ATILA Dec 2018
Nostalgia and memories
Hope and reveries
Love and peace
Tears and craving-for-remedies
All bonded together like quarks.

The undying dream of mine
To be flawlessly contented
Is overflowing from my spines
Ah I want contentment to be mine!

I find my happiness in nature
In the serenity of seashore
In the scenic stature
In the golden green of pasture
In the classic scent of roses
The nature with its appealing scenery
Tickles a sense to smile at the thrill
A vibe of peace; nature contentment
Really becomes a fulfilling feast to end my lament
All hail to Lord who creates this nature remedy
And makes my soul breathe sturdy!
@ Home Beach Village Resort, Pantai Cahaya Bulan, Kelantan, Malaysia.
[181228 - 181229]
Sean Carter Dec 2018
We chase time for us to heal
When feelings are healed, nothing has changed
Only circumstances that life has rearranged

Then a dizzy height of things to come
Just a new phase of unanswered sums

We must take our time and not be driven
Be grateful and enjoy for what is given

Think first and not to expect  
All the while with the greatest respect

Never want more than you truly need
And never get trapped into the hell of greed

When we live with this priority within our heart
Then the inevitability of contentment will start

Every moment our lungs will breathe
Opens up opportunity for our hearts to believe

And once you learn to believe in yourself
Then contentment will come and be your greatest wealth
Cné Feb 2018
Much has been said
against me
I will not be spiteful
or allow hatred,
the beast of darkness
that resides
in the black jungles
of arrogance
and ignorance,
to infect me;
for that is no reason
to give way to anger.
So I refuse to let anger
**** my heart;
for anger
is the scorpion’s poison
of peace
and love, it’s sunlight.
I choose light
contentment and happiness,
as poetry’s not a contest
of winners or losers;
it is the essence
of a poet’s soul.
Peace, love
and harmony
reigns over
anger, hate
and contention
Lore and Legend Oct 2018
Contentment: a state of happiness and satisfaction

Here again I find myself
Always longing, always seeking
Trying to add myself to life's bookshelf

Even when I obtain what I think I want
And it seems I should be happy where I am
Some OTHER longing shows its face and taunts

I ever find myself straining at the bit
Seeking something I cannot find
Forever feeding the fire ambitiously lit

But maybe what I have is beautiful to see
Maybe I should pause a moment and reflect
On all the joyous blessings already given to me
No matter where you are and what you are longing for, always remember where you started and how far you have come.
ktle Jan 19
I fell in love with you.
The time before I knew you feels oddly incomplete
Like the universe has been conspiring
My every step so that I would take the paths leading to you.
I think I knew my entire life
That one day that I would be by your side
Laughing, smiling and inevitably falling.
I knew because you were the one in my dreams. I realize now that
You were the reason why my bones kept tingling and wouldn't settle.

I want you to know that girls like me
Are cautious and afraid to fall in love for the first time.
Girls like me are calculative and hesitant
Because we are too afraid to pay for our mistakes;
We were taught that we are only made of our successes
And that every failure will become a hidden scar
We must be careful to never repeat.
But you came and made me reckless;
I made my decisions blindly and allowed myself
To forget about everything else in the world except you.
I’d trip racing to fall asleep each night just to see you the next day,
All I’d eat was your attention to feed the butterflies in my stomach,
And all I could see were the moments we had and the future we could write.
And even when the scars became so many
That they could no longer be hidden under my clothes
I kept falling deeper and deeper in love you with.
I decided that the pain wasn’t at all bad,
That the wounds were worth every moment of your friendship.

I am envious of the me in another world who was led to you
And who is free to keep loving you, but
It gives me a grain of comfort knowing that somewhere else
You and I are happily listening to our favorite songs
On a rainy Thursday evening, happily and forever in love.
But in this world, it will only be me who falls
So painfully and deeply and foolishly and madly
And beautifully
In love with you.
"The First" and the end of the first.
xtine Mar 22
it drains me
to see a reflection
of underneath my skin
because what lies beneath
is oxygen-starved blood
by the fears that strangle
my being;
my body drags me
to encounter the day
that i wish i didn’t have
to be a part of,
hoping that everything would
just. stop.
let me try to catch my breath,
just one more fog of air
to blur that reflection
that’s not worth seeing.
listen to the squeak
of my fingers
caressing the glass:
two dots and half a circle
so at least
one of us is happy;
but it didn’t last.
soon enough,
the two dots began to cry
like the reflection it tried to cover
because it too
had the constant thought
of not being good enough
Hadiy Syakir Mar 2018
Maybe it's for you but not for me, but who knows?

When will the time stop and give way to the paradoxical space that will shove the soul out of its life, eventually?

Tend to think that the archetypal white collar worker is what you should be before you delve into the reality?

Jumped into the ripest chord of a void song, and you found nothing but truth and perplexity?

Threw yourself into the wilderness but you are still deprived of happiness, only peace, filled with emptiness?

Crashed the mental into bi-polarizing set of uncertainty and sanity, driving everything towards the ravine of confusion and misinterpretation?

Dropped the last sweat of joy and contentment before you discover the eventuality, pessimistic value of the whole context?  

Until the ultimate full stop appears, will you understand what is the whole story is all about?
leila Feb 3
write on a tattered paper
the sad moments
While they left you with your demons
but you DIY your garland in solitude
and wear your bracelet
metallics sun and moon
sway by and tickle your wrist
make sure a blissful time
and a feeling of deep contentment.
Steve Parker Apr 28
Nectar of the honey bee, serene
My light wispy treasure in the sky
If all the stars turned to glass and shattered
For just one more moment on your lips
The morning is perfect for the moon

....and you are perfect for me
Tufayl Myburgh Sep 2018
She said to me:

"Don't you wanna go on an adventure?"

Literally seconds before taking the wrong turn.

I always remembered our car rides for everything they were not.

Trips down to the convenience store felt like driving down the highway at a hundred miles per hour,

With a view of the entire cosmos to our left.

They felt like driving through the night only to watch the sunrise pollute the ****** sky with it's pink and gold hue of sheer contentment.

It is looking up at the sky to find the purest of cotton candy clouds.

And for some reason, I always picture you trying to take a bite out of them.

If this is what a trip to the convenience store feels like then I can only dream of what Route 66 holds.

On our adventures I catch myself looking at you with joy in my eyes,

I want to say something but I do not know what.

All I know is that I am glad you were in the passenger's seat.
For my best friend, I love you.
N Dec 2017
People always say that relationships are hard,
but they are not supposed to feel exhausted.
It shouldn't be so self consuming and agonizing.
You put me through this emotionally draining cycle almost every day.
It goes like this:

you get provoked and infuriated,
I push to defend myself,
you argue then neglect me,
I feel at fault and withdrawal myself,
you manipulate and guilt trip me,
I apologize,
you are apologetic yet unlawfully canny,
I build you back up.

After the cycle,
You are left feeling complete yet
I am left with an ample void.
After the cycle,
your integrity, contentment, and overall mind set,
are surely enhanced and amplified
I am left with an everlasting void
that expands through every small dispute

you guilt trip me after every single fight,
saying you aren't worthy of me,
that you aren't good enough.
I can't let you think that,
so I fix your thoughts.
It's so tiring.

I'm trapped.

I care about you, so how could I leave.
But even if i wanted to, I couldn't
there are barriers.

your friends would hate me,
your sister would dislike me.
your bestfriend yet also my bestfriend, would leave me.

I cant risk these things.

I feel trapped.

But i love you,
so its okay.

He's burgeon from mind and soul
Trivialized only by what folks sow
A man I hope, life grows to know .

His mettle ways can be so sore
Meddling with one's heart like an open court,
But chafed love knows not of caulk flows
And I'm of trepidation of growing old,
without his love.

But assurance made, cue's all doubts ever feared
Leaving me assuaging in the satiation of life
cat Mar 7
i hear the patter of dust
and i long to hold the hand of pottery
to be porcelain and pale
melded by wrinkled fingers
designed by reverie
what gorgeous man muses
i behold him in his invention
leisurely he strays to the couch
his work fancies for the day
rays seeping and floating
our floors de madera
Julia Ruth Sep 2018
There’s this cold, saturated emptiness
That lies within me
Buried in my heart
Protected by the warmth of my veins
But all it takes
Is a ***** to its shield
A blow on its roof
To explode
Envelope my glee with its demons
Blinds the light
grinds  contentment
the satanic hug-
I call depression
Zell Oct 2018
So she settled for something as simple as a hug.
For even if it could not be,
All she ever wanted was to get close to his heart.
And she knew that it was the nearest she could get.

It was the good nights and good mornings,
The good byes and hellos,
And the silent stares and smiles of what cannot be
That made things still seem so perfect.
© 2018 D.A. Barreras
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