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and how does one,
become an orc...
from being labelled
          a troll,
   not buying
          a **** of
butter, a pint of milk,
a dozen's shack
of carrots,
   a dozen of eggs...
and three irish ciders
in a supermarket?
oh... right...
****'s sake!
  wake up!
   own a pet tarantula
you *******
   cats are so
and 20th century!
and women friendly!
and then...
    suddenly died;
  oh i was waiting
for that to happen,
hence my clinginess
i kept telling them:
i'm about to revise
the blank page
   i'm about to revise
the blank page
   i'm about to revise
the blank page...
    they listen?
     orc bypassed
the troll,
bypassing the goblin...
      oh ****,
no hey, but hey presto!
              i'm not even trying...
i hate trying...
   trying is...
          when it arrives
from an authenticity
of, competent
something, or other...
  i'm really gagging
for the marching orders...
a dog barking in
the night tells me:
              why would
i decide to understand
dog barking...
as, being...
   more informative
to... whatever spew
is about to arrive from
the attention seeking
  the dog is barking again...
i'll put my faith
in that...
  i've lost any ability
to trust my fellow man...
no: is the new now...
        can't do it...
let's revise...
  keep up with the graffiti...
there are...
internet trolls...
which are...
the extended...
    interaction with
internet goblins...
me? oh... sure sure,
internet identity politics...
       internet orc...
what's that?
  a casual variant of
the sort of societal
without any uninhibited
   & depersonalized
internet interaction
to mimic societal

i made a spelling mistake!
****! i know i 'ave!

obviously the meme:
internet orc would
prevail over the already
   cultural spew /
  designating a troll...

     an internet orc...
is a new breed...
                       die edelbarbar...
far from superior...
i just, "forgot"
to leave any comments.
Louis G  Jan 2019
"Reply" 10/1/17
Louis G Jan 2019
Sent. Delivered. Seen.
My intentions are Clean
Your cold Replies
I just hope no Lies

Every time we talk
I feel this knock
Beats in my heart
You're my sweetheart

I know I am Annoying
Sometimes Clinging
For you, Busy or Not
I'd Reply Fast, I ought

Bored?, Just Fine
Bitter as Wine
Please open up
Your sadness you can't cover up

Bored with me
Leaving? feel free..
I never expected
for this day to to be created

The day you leave
Is the day I grieve
Good bye
Just.. Why

Seen, Typing, Received.
Oh why'd i Believed
Your simple Sweetness
Made Bitter Endless

I've been feeling something for you
Hell This feeling I can't get used to
But you're fading..
You're leaving..

'How am i?'
I am Fine
But I cry
As you drew the Line

Goodbye it is
No more Reply
'Convo Ended' it says
Bang Bulls Eye

Thank you for hanging
with My Silliness
My Annoyingness
My Clinginess

Just know this
You were my Happiest Hello
And my Saddest Goodbye
At least now i know, You'd leave
with that warm smile

— The End —