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Lash  Jun 25
Lash Jun 25
i feel like..
while we're busy searching for mysteries
we're missing out on the magic.
while we're running from theories,
we're wasting time and it's tragic.
Lash  Aug 24
Lash Aug 24
she's a minimalist;
with a minimal list of things that she desires,
things that she requires.
she's at one with all things,
so with her all things are one.
she never folds
nor does she run away.
she stays calm
and collected.
with actions dare reflecting
a light that's so flourescent,
posing questions...
"who are you?"
"from where have you came?"
"where have I seen you?"
"what is your name?"
Lash  Jun 20
Lash Jun 20
he who is content
is rich.
only good intent,
i'm witch.
i wish on stars and crystals,
high pitched
like whistles.
brushing through the ripples
like bristles.
90s baby,
i say mad
and you say crazy,
i say maybe.
maybe im close.
lets have a toast
to the good times
to the signs,
to the message clearly written
right in between the lines,
saying everything is first to seek
and then to find.
its all divine,
its all aligned,
the all is mind.
the world is mine.
Lash  Dec 2018
Lash Dec 2018
soo much positive vibes,
im elevating
to peace of mind,
im evolving.
i free my mind in a higher place.
i need my time,
i need my space.
i am sublime,
can’t find a trace of me,
i am only here.
i am light & love,
sowing seeds of ever promise.
ill make you aware,
help you to see the seeds you’ve harvest.
Lash Jul 13
everything is on time.
everything is in time.
Lash  Mar 25
natural roots
Lash Mar 25
my nap py roots are a natural root to the tree of life.
i dare not damage my sources to the source of light.
afro made all strong and sturdy,
a sprinkle of all that is worthy.
a sign that i am everything and i exist.
stop bleaching out your blackness.
i insist
that you cherish your being like you cherish material possessions
& feed into obsessions of your ego that knows of nothing else.
only mirrored image self,
detrimental to your health.
only focused on appearances and features.
beauty industry focal points
with tutorial teachers.
influencers influenced by ingenuine sources,
no natural resources.
your reign has been challenged.
may the best man be exalted.
Lash  Aug 24
odd one out
Lash Aug 24
like a sunflower in a bouquet of bright red roses..
you were chosen.
the weakest link,
or so it seems.
who'd ever think
a stoic queen
could be so far behind the scene
& never seen.
never seeking mere attention,
only focus is ascension,
with intentions so pure...
and no one is really sure
who you are
whose you are
i swear they've never seen your kind.
so brilliant,
so divine.
so free,
and so inclined
to spread love & light,
with no motive or spite
just a vision,
a clear sight of
what's righteous.
Lash  Nov 2018
no need..
Lash Nov 2018
no need to prove your worth to the weak that cannot comprehend.
there’s no need to put up a wall,
there’s no need to pretend.
stand boldly in your truth,
stand strong and raise hell.
don’t you cry out for help.
don’t lose yourself.
don’t allow a love so shallow to try to drown you.
watch the people that are fake,
they’re all around you.
only the depth is profound,
a love that cannot be found.
it’s higher, in a new dimension,
i’ve been searching the ground.
if true love is what you seek,
you’ll find it at your lowest peak.
because those that love you when you’re weak,
are the ones you’ll want to keep.
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