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Whiskurz Jul 2015
Though now I lay you down to sleep
I won't be sad, I will not weep
If the pain I feel shall never cease
The love we had will bring me peace

I'll count the memories day by day
Until I too shall pass away
Life's a vapour, a momentary mist
A distant echo the wind has kissed

You're the blessing that grew a smile
But now you walk your final mile
And though we pause the life we've known
Be not afraid, you're not alone

Tears were made to reflect the pain
The reflection fades, but not the stain
And though you're in a better place
This road is rough that I must face

You've heard the words by our dear Lord
"Child enter in to your reward"
So look for me, for in only a while
I too will walk my final mile
Whiskurz Mar 2015
Who shall lament at my demise
When this world below I leave?
Who bears proof with blood-shot eyes?
Will one among you grieve?

Who will stand when I cannot
To trumpet deeds I've done?
Am I the one that time forgot
The name that people shun?

Who will walk me to my grave
And mark the place I lay?
Will one step forth, he who's brave
One strong enough to pray?

The seeds I've sown have fell in vain
For the darkness steals the light
They'll simply say, "He was insane"
Because of things I write

If not one tear shall fall for me
The world will one day know
I need not your sympathy
For I am Edgar Allen Poe
Whiskurz Aug 2014
Sometimes hidden behind a smile
We can find our darkest places
The laughter will last for only a while
For it's something the darkness erases

No words exist to even explain
This feeling of total despair
You try your best to hide the pain
And pretend that it's not there

It steals the soul in tiny pieces
Until there's nothing left
And though your joy slowly decreases
Your mind is aware of the theft

That's when life seems closer to death
Than you ever thought it could be
You ponder each and every breath
While hoping it sets you free

We should consider depression a crime
It replaces the joy with lies
It has a way of distorting time
Until the laughter dies

  R.I.P. Robin Williams
Whiskurz Sep 2013
Buried deep in an unmarked grave
A child is given birth
Born to a corpse, now death's slave
He claws he way through the earth

He's not quite dead nor alive it seems
As he tinkers on the fringe
Conceived by the sound of his mother's screams
Hell bent on taking revenge

His mother lived only nineteen years
Then killed by a gang of three
Born through the hate in his mother's tears
Now karma has set him free

He searches the earth, both high and low
Till he finds his heart's desire
Making them suffer and all die slow
As he drags them through the fire

With the gates of hell now open wide
His deed on earth is done
But remember this warning, you can't hide
So beware of Karma's son
Whiskurz Sep 2013
The whole world watched
As they fell to the ground
A multitude was lost
Only a few were found

An unseen evil
Came from the sky
Innocence, the target
We're left asking why

Mothers and Fathers
Sisters and Brothers
All lost their lives
And so many others

He came from the east
With death in his heart
He thought he would break us
And tear us apart

It only made us stronger
When the Twin Towers fell
For we trust in God
They're screaming in hell
Whiskurz Sep 2013
As I listen to whispers trapped in my tears
I'm haunted by regret
A shadow that's followed me all of my years
Making sure I never forget

Time has recorded the mistakes I've made
And stores them in the past
Long and winding, the path that I've laid
I didn't expect it to last

Twisted and broken as days pass me by
Time will never relent
Uncertain, disheartened, as tomorrow draws nigh
I fear it's too late to repent

I see the world with a reprobate mind
Confused in all that I see
Today is so clear but my future is blind
Whatever will be, will be

Forever I'm tied to the path that I chose
Be it Heaven or be it hell
Will tomorrow bring judgement? nobody knows
It's still too early to tell
Whiskurz Sep 2013
A silent emotion mixed with ink
A memory that just won't die
An ocean of tears brought to the brink
When you're much too broken to cry

A place where your pain can go to hide
Or a grave to bury the past
A sad goodbye to a love that's died
Or a future that didn't last

A place where your dreams just fade away
For you realize they wasn't real
A voice to those with nothing to say
When you're much too damaged to feel

Regret is spoken without a sound
Where "I love you" is just a waste
Where "I'm sorry" can always be found
"Forgive me" is uttered in haste

Words in this poem are now my life
Our marriage, nothing but a theft
I once was proud to call you my wife
Now these words are all that is left
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