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Robyn Neymour Aug 2015
I played and I toyed
With its beautiful sight.

The light beautifully glistened
In the dawn of the night.

Tranquility arose,
From its beautiful voice.

The warmth that it brought,
Kept my heart moist.

I danced, I played, and
I placed my hands in it.

Four, five seconds,
I fell in love as it went higher.

I clasped my hands,
And fell in love.

Happiness busted from,
My hidden emotions and all.

**Then it broke out,
No need for speech,
Tried to hold it,
Catch it,
Is a lesson none can teach.
Robyn Neymour Jul 2015
I know your name,
But do you know mine.
Everlasting features,
You will have,
Theres beauty in your sings.
You glisten in the dawn of lights.
Catastrophic Atmospheres,
Can only determine real beauty if you unwind.
I watch you from a distance,
At least when I ever I get a chance.
You know my name though,
You just don't know,
My heart for you is on demand.
So do you really know my name.
Secrets tell lies,
By the time it reaches it first recipient,
It already said its first cry.
Nothing underneath or between it,
No blank slates,
But no hieroglyphic signs,
To show you my heart.
My heart races against time,
To take a look upon your face,
Your beauty is only shown,
In the deepest part of memories grace.
I could only see you in my dreams I spew,
Counting down the moment,
When I wake only not to see you.
Do you know my name?
Robyn Neymour Jul 2015
Open windows,
Cool wind blows.
Passion of iron steels,
Heat flows, Snow shatters.
Intelligent minds,
Love, love, love.
The fool,
Love, love and loves.
Then we all fly,
With open arms.
Till time can't pass us by.

June 2015
Robyn Neymour Dec 2014
I don't know if you ever read these but here goes nothing.... I'm looking for you for some type of closure and I don't know why.
I feel like your a ghost just whispering by. To deep to even realize that time is flying by, my heart just crumbles every time I hear your name and I wished I'd know why.
Never thought you'd ever speak to me but those moments I cherished but seeing you for the first time in a while from the very first time I saw you I know those moments won't perish.
The last time I saw you, you still had that silly smile, one that would turn anyone into a champion, and make them feel like they can go on for trillions of miles.
I don't understand this feeling and I don't know if I want to, but I think I'm in some kind of love even though I don't talk to you.
It's not that I'm desperate, or an ounce of being obsessed, I just need to bring some type of closure, to someone I don't see but miss. That would be you.
Robyn Neymour Oct 2013
I the poet,
Is in need of speech,
In need of great,
Artistic hands.

In need of everything,
Except my own heart.
That is failing me,
That is my weakness.

I the poet,
Can’t utter words,
Or put them together,
To make me feel strong.

To fathom the way I feel,
Through music, through art,
Through theatre, poetry,
The creativity in my mind.

I the poet is need of answers,
To continue to write,
Instead of expressing myself,
Only to lurk after the answers.

Time will make me wait,
This I do understand,
They say time heals all wounds,
But my wounds are being reopened.

I the poet then,
Then question the undoing,
The reopening of,
A weak and bleeding heart.
Robyn Neymour Oct 2013
It’s irritating,
When words seem to be
Unfaithful blemishes
Of yesterday’s past,
And a constant annoyance,
Unwitting today’s unknown.

To think about your what if’s,
And should don’ts of,
Repetitive reminders from the scars,
Engraved in you’re witty,
But beating heart is a daring,
Challenge to an unfaithful mind.

The fear to hold joy,
When a dark rose neglects,
The power of a white one,
In it’s purified significance,
Unveiling the worth and,
And the death of its own demise.

But no one realizes the faithful
Beauty of a dark rose.
To sting, to warn to challenge,
To be truthful to the subconscious,
Of the heart that also has protection,
Held and brace by pericardium.

Even the heart needs to be comforted,
And the mind in need of consolation,
So remove the stones blocking your eyes,
From your visual death,
Of growth and compassion,
Love is blind,
The mind is weak.

Then there is fear,
You can overcome.
So overcome it,
With the passion in your eyes,
The smile that you have,
For the very truth of your wellbeing.
Robyn Neymour Feb 2013
A storm will travel through the night,
Through the day and its envious light.
Casting precious moments,
On a loved one’s soul,
Either lost or stories that will unfold.
Treasure peeks the storms eye,
Drifting through its trouble cry.
Sun light potentially darkening its day,
Mother nature worry,
For a different way.
Destruction at the tip of its fingers,
Moving through troubled winds,
Exhausting all its limits,
The storm decides to spin.
What seems like,
An everlasting storm in limbo,
Is just a walk across the street,
To another friend.


Robyn G. Neymour
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