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How can you find beauty in something so ugly

Because your lies twinkle down my spine
Like sharp rose thorns in the spring time

You’re a rose and I’m afraid of being pricked  

Everyone wanted me to see that we could not thrive, so gouge out my eyes.
Because if this is reality then I guess I'm not alive.

You’re like the Dead Sea I sink when you are with me

Covering me with sand all over my sunburnt wounds

I used to think you were the resilient hues in the sky bringing out sunlight

But you’re a tidal wave you rip right through me
The tears in my eyes are seen as cold and sad

The darkness of the rain you overcast breaks upon me

Take what you can from me
Take only what you need
A family of trees wanting to be haunted
Control yourself control your needs

Dreaming in the lows, I never thought I'd see this high
Now I'm shooting for the moon, you're calling me a lunar light

Staring at the roots, nobody there to help me grow
I was longing for the rain, you were the flood that made me overflow

You're everything that I hoped for
That's why I gave you my all
You're everything that I prayed for
But you were stolen
Why did everything change?
Everything was ours
Everything was stolen and now it’s all gone

We found the rain, but if we start to peel away the grey
Maybe we're home

When your heart weighs down on my shoulders
And your eyes wide lose me at sea
and your words make a smoldering fire
You are the moon pulling tides over me
Giving me grey notes that sing through the windows

Step out into the wild
There's a beautiful storm in your eyes
We're perfectly intertwined
And if it's quite alright, you could be my way of life

Sea salt sits on your lips
Birds fall earthwards from cliffs
Thought I couldn't do this
But I'm fine 'cause you're by my side

Now where do you go?
Why do you leave?
And as the waves grow in between
Harder the days go
Darling I'm folding
I'm on my knees

You give me nothing
When there's nothing else
So deep the water
But you're hiding in the shallows

And I'm left here drowning out
I can’t keep sinking deeper and deeper in my mistakes. Take me with you I’m tired of feeling like a waste of space. My dreams are filled with you when will you realize. I picture a reality between you and I. But for now I’ll surely sink or swim so deep the water my beautiful friend.
 Mar 2018 Rhet Toombs
 Mar 2018 Rhet Toombs
i see your face
in the pictures
i hold

but i long to
watch your life
an ice cold stare, old denim jeans
suede and cotton tops - they all
feel like los angeles, another
guitar naps where she sleeps,
santana seems to pluck the strings
in her dreams; speaking of dreams,
a sweet man and pup named clyde
are the cast members in her
opening scenes, acts in her play
she would burn the whole script
for just to see

 Mar 2018 Rhet Toombs
Everynight i look on to the street an see the moon,i think about you
Sometimes late at night we'd go out an look at the stars an moon
See how many we can count, we always end up losing track
I didn't really care as long as you were there, we were like Jill&Jack
Smiles and laughs but we never broken our crowns
But things started getting tough, nights started getting rough
The nights we shared started to get scarce, but it's alright dear
I forgive you, i love you mom , forever in the stars my love
A glimpse, as
morning creaks awake,
and one hundred blackbirds
feast along the cleared patch of land
where seeds, cupped and flung open-handed,
are strewn across the white and white and white
until, sated for the moment,
the fowls erupt in a calamitous flurry,
blackening the dawn,
succumbing to the urge to move on.
 Dec 2016 Rhet Toombs
 Dec 2016 Rhet Toombs
okay but how weird are dreams
you close your eyes to rest your body but behind your lids the film unfolds
your mind paints a picture
the beach is soft as the sun sets next to your lover
all your teeth fall out
you make the game winning play for a sport you don't even play
you go to school naked
you make unusual friends that had only passed briefly through your mind
feet slip from the cliff and you wake up with a sudden ****
suddenly the thoughts that had been so vivid only moments ago fade into nothing
your subconscious is trying to tell you something but what could it be?
maybe it's revelation
maybe it's magic
maybe it's nothing at all
but dreams are pretty weird
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