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tayarose Oct 2019
To the depths of my heart you linger
to my soul you are there
you are my person
forever there
tayarose May 2019
baby i've tried but can't unlove you
tayarose Apr 2019
i hate you bc i still love you
tayarose Apr 2019
I want to not exist, i want to float, to sleep and feel peace
i don't want to feel empty, but i can't fill this void
if i'm still here on earth
tayarose Apr 2019
I am here on this earth
I love simple things but somedays i love no things
I am sad and i feel empty
I would say i want to be dead but thats just so simple
tayarose Apr 2019
If I like girls what would you say?
I were to love a girl or a boy would that be okay?
I like girls, But when embraced I"m called a ******, I am confined to the normal reality of this world
I like boys, I can openly express that but can i really without being called a ***** or a ****? We are supposed to love everyone, but we do not love anyone but our selves, we are afraid of the different
We fear change, when will we change?
tayarose Mar 2019
You left me not in a physical sense mom, but in a emotional mentally
I am drowning inside an your no where to been found
I'm dumbfounded to think you'd be there in time of need
But your my mom too, not just his
your my heart too, not just his
what about me mom
I took those beatings against my bare back
I took the those hands against my face
I stood tall an proud to fight for you
where you would never fight for me the same way mom
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