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another seance, gulping
and gasping, in hopes to
welcome the chaos. wistful
with no margins, no colourful
crayons, nothing promised.
unexpressive, at times
dishonest. passive aggressive,
with a mind in *******. the
desire for an end, the wonder
of what is beyond this. a
prayer for love before then, to
one day look in the mirror with

it’s okay. honesty is comforting. it is liberating.
mature man
holding his nose
to life
desires young woman
is indifferent to
and longs for those
before umbrellas
tumelo mogomotsi Sep 2019
gliding through suburbia,
the radio never whispers,
but tonight it seems out
of breath. these glass w-
indows seem more like m-
irrors as we self reflect w-
ith a little more depth. m-
ore depth then when the
sun is up. it’s more her t-
han me, i am yet to feel
love. yet to receive it, m-
y basket is empty. she w-
orries about longevity,
i wonder what it feels lik-
e to have any.

tumelo mogomotsi Sep 2019
it is befitting we closed our eyes
when our lips first held each other
following this romantic film’s script,
staying true to every single word
that we did not

kissing on the kitchen counter
swinging your feet to an
imaginary soundtrack, the feeling
of uncontrollable love accompanies
us through these drunken early hours

tumelo mogomotsi Sep 2019
what is the meaning of spontaneous,
taking a trip to africa for a month,
snapping pictures of yawning lions is
pretty courageous, a selfie with a couple
hoop earrings that show us that you’re
serious lady that has flares of youthful

sipping a soft drink on a sunny pool day,
sleeping on dented beer cans and green
camp chairs, scribbling danish haikus
when the weather is grey, flicking polaroid
photos of you whilst you down a couple

spontaneous is saying yes to every
opportunity that comes, taking a chance
with a stranger from another biome,
spontaneous is picking a cute shirt that
you definitely need to iron, and going on a
date with a funny guy while you kiss under the

tumelo mogomotsi Sep 2019
selling myself short, you
tell me that my accolades
are less than impressive.
she saw me nodding my head
in the city, as i downed a couple
of alcoholic beverages.
she told me that i should
practice sobriety, i told her every
-one has their thing, she told to
not act like i am a head in a crowd,
striving to be average. i told her no
one wants to be the odd one out,
even you are searching for that

tumelo mogomotsi Sep 2019
what is with all this talk about rising sun,
your compatibility with sagittarius and the
complexities of astrology. stop telling me
about my star sign, i’m trying to read out
the graffiti on that stop sign - and no - i
don’t owe you an apology.

i do not know what is the meaning of balance -
you want to give me all the love i deserve, but
receiving what is reciprocated is the challenge,
you tell me that you have a ginormous forehead,
but if i agree with you i am the *******, i guess
i never knew the meaning of double standards

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