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Tom 2d
carriages rattle
distant stares
avoiding interaction
cold heat
runs of length
of my spine
soon i will seek to know
details of a life
talking in rhymes
that pass the time
will this be
another white lie
will this be
my time to die
Tom Dec 2018
in your living room
empty walls
hold true
fragments of memories
shared with you

a silhouette
a shadowy figure
catches the eye
not you
but a passer-by
Tom Dec 2018
take a moment to understand
what you ask of me
breathe once, deeply.
let the minutes pass you by

here, i will remain
a breath apart
a promise unspoken
tacit to my heart

if only a moment
of common understanding
a cover
for all you are hiding
Tom Jun 2018
What can I do to break your fall?
I can only watch as you slide
Into the cracks that formed
Before loss felt so heavy

Where is the light?
Staring back at me
I see beauty lying in wait
But you have grown blind

I will stand
And watch
At your side

Unknowing of the cause
Of the reason
Of how to break
The darkness in your eyes
Tom May 2018
On an open plain
Gazing beyond
A mirage of light

Distant from those
Who hold me under
Grasping for breath
In an ocean of hurt

For I am alone
In this voyage
But for the thoughts
That cloud my view

Upon clear skies
An opening
Distant from those
Who hold me under

Walk as I must
Kicking up the dust
Between my tired feet
And the heavy ground

The path is long
But that I know
Step by step
The seeds will sow
Tom May 2018
What happens when the wind blows?
I feel as though nobody knows
Is it the trees pausing to breathe
Or a body taking its leave?

What happens when the wind blows?
As the night draws in, it only grows
Showing the path as a guiding light
Only a passenger to its daily fight

What happens when the wind blows?
I will follow wherever it goes.
Tom May 2018
I cannot think
I cannot breathe
This thought keeps pounding
It will not leave

No matter how I try
This thought keeps pounding

No matter my cry
This thought keeps pounding

It tells me
I am wrong to forget
Wrong to take a step

How could you?
Do you not care?
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