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May 20 · 188
Little Hearts
Prathipa Nair May 20
Locked my small heart
Inside your sweet heart
Transformation of two beautiful
Hearts into one soul
Elated of this world where
Eternal verity drifted to permanence
Sown in a new embellished
Heaven of vehement love !
Always Love☺️☺️
May 8 · 67
It’s birth.....
   Can’t be predicted by any                     Gynaecologist
No one knows when it comes and grows inside you☺️
May 2019 · 200
An Eternal Kiss
Prathipa Nair May 2019
An evening drive with my love
Lakes, mountains, trees and breeze
Witnessing the eternity in our eyes
Welcoming girls of golden flowers
Standing in yellow on both sides
With a saucy smile his eyes scan
In search of my wooing lips
Finding it waiting for him with yearn
Sudden break with locking lips
Eyes closed when the heart echos
This is your Un resistible world!
Jan 2019 · 181
My Butterfly
Prathipa Nair Jan 2019
I am flying up high
With colourful wings
When you, the butterfly
Fly in my thoughts
If your thoughts can
Make this happen
Beloved, wondering
What can your presence
Do to me in a second!!
Jan 2019 · 142
A Jerk
Prathipa Nair Jan 2019
Under foggy clouds
In a morning bus
Pickled with butterflies
Of different liveries
Occupying my seat
Filled with content
Proceeding few miles
****** with a sudden halt
There came the lady
Combatant of mine
Who hankers for my seat
Looking at me like a mage
Closing my helpless eyes
Turned my face
Inhaling cool fresh air
Till I reached the destination
Aug 2018 · 174
Way To Heart
Prathipa Nair Aug 2018
If my heart has a door and a bird to open it
Every second when it opens, the bird call out
Darling , Please Come In !
Aug 2018 · 177
Prathipa Nair Aug 2018
In a garden of classroom
Where forty four flowers bloom
Flying flower to flower
Who she kisses with love
A single drop of their tear
Which she holds in her wings
Standing in her colourful dress
How she passes her smile
A colourful butterfly she is
Whom flowers call a TEACHER
Jul 2018 · 326
Prathipa Nair Jul 2018
Everything is beautiful because of something
Everyone is beautiful because of someone
No one is ugly because of something or someone
Ugliness is within ourselves with our over make up of ego !
Jul 2018 · 174
Is It Love?
Prathipa Nair Jul 2018
Your thoughts bringing smile
When my grandpa asked
Why am i smiling for no reason
My reply was the same smile
Grinning at me for sometime
Walked fore with a murmur
To my surprise i smiled again
Falling in your thoughts
Is this what they call Love?
May 2018 · 332
Love At Five
Prathipa Nair May 2018
Bubbles flying up big and small
Wondering from where it comes
Looked up like a five year old
With my eyes wide open
Tried to touch it but was ain’t so near
Can see rainbow in each bubble
Anon saw it moving afar and high
Leaving nay a single one to touch
Ran towards it where inhibited
Finding the footprints who blew it
With my heads down walked back
When a bubble touched my nose
The one who blew it with a smile
Was my first love at five !
Apr 2018 · 154
My Shell
Prathipa Nair Apr 2018
Whenever I think of you
My lips reacts first
Like a lotus bloom
Then my eyes wide
Like a sun that rise
My neck feels you
Like a warm breeze
With my eyes closed
Like a pearl in a shell
When a hand touches
Like a call to hug
And I see you smiling
Standing in front
With your hands open
Where I feel safe and secure
Mar 2018 · 177
After Rain
Prathipa Nair Mar 2018
Looking through the window
He sat breathing with ease
Egressing of rain announced
By the black cuckoo so proud
Raindrops falling tardily from leaves
Tickling the wet and shy earth
In her dress of sticking flowers
Spreading the fragrance of a new bride
Sparrows and squirrels visit houses
Breaking the silence after rain!
Mar 2018 · 178
Am I Dreaming
Prathipa Nair Mar 2018
Sitting under the sacred Asoka tree
With my mind in solitude
Hiding behind the tree smiling
He comes out slowly
With his hands covering my eyes
Feeling his cuddling touch
My gloomy lips blooms like a flower
Turned to see that facetious one
Standing with an unimpeachable smile!
Oh! Am I dreaming?
In front of me the sky blued Krishna
With his full weight on left foot
Playing the nine-eyed flute
Filled with spiritual music of love!
Jan 2018 · 315
A Loving Soul
Prathipa Nair Jan 2018
Wind takes my breath away
Which you gave me from your lips
Chase the wind my love
Save me from dying without you!
Jan 2018 · 170
Love You Love
Prathipa Nair Jan 2018
Love you like an
Oceanid full of
aluable pearls
         Elaborated so deep

  Yearning like an
  Ocherous statue
             Until you give me life

Dec 2017 · 806
Prathipa Nair Dec 2017
Christ’s glaring birth in a
Holy exquisite manger to
Ring the arrival of godsend
In this grim world with a
Sacred peaceful smile and
Tender divine eyes in
Mother Mary’s pure hands
Arising like a graceful
S**hining star full of love!
I tried my best ... please forgive me friends if there is anything incorrect about Christmas and Jesus
Dec 2017 · 477
God's Own Country
Prathipa Nair Dec 2017
Velvet green grass floorage
With thousands of
Tall coconut pillars
Silver ribbon streams
In a harmony with the green
White pearl cranes
Fitting in a place of beauty
Peeping black beauties
Of small and big hills
Through the pillars so high
Filled with bed of
Greenary, greenary, greenary
And it is one born
My God’s own country !
Beautiful paradise and that is my God's own country
Oct 2017 · 219
A Bubble
Prathipa Nair Oct 2017
In a bubble he fly
To touch the sky so high
With a poke on the bubble
Flies a crow with a giggle
There he fell with a thud
On the vehicle full of mud
Oct 2017 · 212
Eagle's Eye
Prathipa Nair Oct 2017
Black birds in the sky
Followed by a group of spy
Eagles brown in colour
With eyes so wicked in power
Faster the black birds wings
Up and down like the swings
With fear in eyes for life
From the eagles full of knife
Sep 2017 · 321
De Novo
Prathipa Nair Sep 2017
Love made me blind of his smile
Love made me deaf of his voice
Love made me dumb of his kiss
But memories of his love
Made my mind unconscious
Will his hand touch me de novo
To cure my clot of poignant pain
Jul 2017 · 278
Free Her
Prathipa Nair Jul 2017
Don't make her dance on rope
She's strong enough to break the rope
Free her to dance in her space !
Happens to every daughter,mother,wife,friend
Jul 2017 · 279
Abandoned Daugter
Prathipa Nair Jul 2017
Your eyes looking at me with parental love
Freezing like snow drops
Your legs nearing me haltingly
Dissolving like water drops
Will you take me in your arms
Will you allow me to call you Mother
Do you know the yearning inside me
For the love of a mother’s heart
Leaving me abaft accepted selfishness
Is that you are doing now Mother
Though near you are afar from me
I am waiting mother with pain
Will that day come you recognizing
This poor creature, your daughter !
Jun 2017 · 566
Life So Easy
Prathipa Nair Jun 2017
Wish this life was so easy
Like raindrops sliding through plantain leaves
Without any attachment to the leaf
Giving a chance for the next to move on
Never pausing to look back how it happened
Leaving emotions that controls mind
Wearing a smile of victory
For completing a life without disappointment
Jun 2017 · 323
A Zip
Prathipa Nair Jun 2017
If I can fix a zip for my heart
Can open it for you to show
Whenever I miss you
How it cries inside with pain
Which my eyes and words
Fail to express the way I feel
Have you ever felt like this guys?
May 2017 · 598
Sweet Like Honey
Prathipa Nair May 2017
Enjoy love like drops of honey
Slowly making it a habit to stay fit
First it might be odd to follow
Till you understand it's taste
The moment you feel the sweetness
It's hard to stop from drinking
The unique medicine to be happy!
May 2017 · 792
Happy Mother's Day
Prathipa Nair May 2017
Magnitude in heart
Obliging warmth
Teaching good
Healing pains
Endless concern
Radiant woman

She is **MOTHER
No pure love  like  Mother's Love !
May 2017 · 352
Reality of Emotions
Prathipa Nair May 2017
Every smile is a hard work of tear
Tears ever carry a mask of smile
Having one letter in common
E meaning erase fantasy
Bringing the inner reality
Cry when you have to cry
Smile when you have to smile !
Never stop your emotions because of fear and shame !
May 2017 · 1.1k
Meaningless Childhood Dreams
Prathipa Nair May 2017
Big tree, giant bough with no leaves
Paper snakes crawling through the branches
Elephant chasing with no aim
White haired grandma laughing like a witch
Black shadow of a short human
Peeping in and out by the door
Sinking in a sea of sweat with fear
Opened my eyes for help
Realising safety lying amidst my mother and sister
Closed my eyes facilely with an innocent smile
I am sure everyone have in their memory store such dreams :-p
May 2017 · 349
It's Raining!!
Prathipa Nair May 2017
She came to this earth like music
With the band Thunder and Lightning
Her cool performance mixing with hot tears of happiness
Unexpected Rain:-)
Apr 2017 · 777
Prathipa Nair Apr 2017
Tolerating character
Amaranthine with a smile
Uniqueness in everything
Radiant feminism
Uttering voice of nightingale
Sincerely delicate heart

I am a **Taurus
woman !
Zodiac and Me
Apr 2017 · 450
Life is a Game Show
Prathipa Nair Apr 2017
Walking towards the sea in search of death
Awaiting waves to hug him
Grabbing his leg a small crab
As a message to stop him
More tight the grab if he moves
Standing still for minutes
Without disturbing the crab
Leaving the grip crawls the crab
With no idea where to settle
Spending few more minutes
With his legs on chilled shore
Gives a feel of newborn body and soul
Walks back to his life with a steely smile
Never give up ! Take life as an entertainer till it ends !
Apr 2017 · 365
Pain of being Loved
Prathipa Nair Apr 2017
Tears losing temperature in his absence
Untouchability in his negligence
Hatred in his unspoken silence
Poisoned me with his memories
Where did I go wrong in loving him?
Apr 2017 · 292
Prathipa Nair Apr 2017
Are they twinkling stars in the sky
Or fireflies above the blue lake
Or a blue Christmas tree
A poetess heart is a canvas
Painting colourful pictures
Of her own beautiful creations
Apr 2017 · 333
Do he know?
Prathipa Nair Apr 2017
When he wake up in my memories
Closing my eyes to sleep
Together a journey to a dream world
When he sleep in my memories
Opening my eyes from sleep
Wearing a mask to keep my dream a secret
How will my heart give a hint of my love for him?
Do my beloved know these eyes sleeping in his memories?
Apr 2017 · 275
Bouncing Pain
Prathipa Nair Apr 2017
Never throw that bounce back
It doubles your pain
Apr 2017 · 199
Search In You
Prathipa Nair Apr 2017
Sitting on a step of stone near the pond
Throwing pebbles on water filtering my thoughts
Confused mind searching peace
Alas! A fish pops up followed by two
Please stop it human,leave us alone !
Never spoil one's happiness for the sake of other
Apr 2017 · 812
Farmer's Soil
Prathipa Nair Apr 2017
Standing innocent ten year old
In the courtyard full of greenery
My Grandfather's effort in the soil
Looking at the bunch of plantains
Hanging vertical yellow smileys
Fragrance of ripe bananas
Filling my mouth with water
Giant mango trees full of king fruit
Orange-red ripen mangoes with crown
Smiling at me handsome monarchs
Red chubby tomatoes looking up at me
With a pony tail on each ones head
Either big or small none are like a twig
Shining green chillies with anger
Nodding their heads to capture
Dozen of aubergines in violet dress
Covered one part of the soil
Oh ! Jackfruits are ready to pluck
Spreading the sweet smell all over
Like children on mother's waist
Climbing creepers holding bitter guards
Seen as lighting lanterns of villages
As a farmer, my grandfather passing inspiration
Respecting our soil and farming
Apr 2017 · 281
Prathipa Nair Apr 2017
Sun rises through his mother’s eyes
Wide spread darkness by her absence
Never closed her eyes till he falls asleep
Her love,anger,depression,frown,smile
Being energy boosters than his daily food
That evening found her sluggish
Still expressed his empty stomach
His hunger making forget her fatigue
Walking towards kitchen with shivering legs
That night slept without awaiting him
In his deep sleep like a protective kid
Waiting her call the following morning
But never did the sun rise
Only a shroud of mist !
Mar 2017 · 490
Responsible Of birth
Prathipa Nair Mar 2017
Grief has pierced her from childhood days
Today she is forty but still the same
Nowhere to go, no one to protect
Surrounded by eagle eyes to tear her
Scared of her own breath now
Heart gravely asking this world of dirt
Is her birth responsible for this?
Merely because she is a girl,woman ?

Tired of survival in this butcher’s world
Chanting God ’s mantras has become the unrivalled option
God, losing His patience seeing her grief
Came to her with a helping hand
Enough of your tears in this inhumane earth
Come with me my child
Taking you to a world where there’s no human smell
Waving goodbye to this fateful life
Doors of her eyes closed calmly
Mothers,daughters,wives,friends and many women undergoing this situation and scared of survival ! Let us be more bold ladies :-)
Mar 2017 · 618
Prathipa Nair Mar 2017
Morning sun’s light
On my face so bright
Standing near the well
Brushing my teeth’s smell
Following a butterfly who rush
With my new blue brush
Blooming jasmine buds
Like white pearl studs
Bidding me to smell
Fragrance they spell
All these you can see
With your brush so free
In your countryside
Where everything nature decide !
Mar 2017 · 267
What do i need?
Prathipa Nair Mar 2017
That single touch
Supplies electricity through my body
Without any bill
That alluring smile
Makes me fall in anesthesia
Without any pill
That vehement voice
Oh! What do i need my love
Not even a will !
Mar 2017 · 355
Prathipa Nair Mar 2017
Walking on a ramp of hay
in a distinctively designed
gown of black with blue

Woven by weaver bird
stitched by tailor bird
making her look unique

Smiled the nightingale
Thanking judges with a coo !
Mar 2017 · 372
Prathipa Nair Mar 2017
Never ending golden thoughts
Our mind travels with it
Strange but bonafide truth
Time withal can nix erase
And create a new one
Like those precious moments
Giving our soul an inspiration
Impact of memorable moments
A**ccredited to move forward
No one without nostalgia :-)
Mar 2017 · 660
Orikkal Koodi
Prathipa Nair Mar 2017
Mazhathulligal eeran aakkiya naanichu nilkkunna manninte sugandham
Adhil vellayum manjayum kalarnna arlippovugal pattipidichu kidakkunnu
Peidhu thornna mazhayude aaghoshamaayi paadithagarkkunnu kuyilugal
Paadi jaikkaamo Ente koode ennenne koogi vilikkunnu
Eeran mannil chitrarachana nadathunnu kunjungal
Mannpuzhukkal melle thala pokki nokkunnu
Aahlaadhathil thulli chaadunna vaazhathavalagal
Thanuppulla ilangaattu kondu nilkunna Ente manasu pokunnu
Kure Nalla bhalyakaala ormagalilekku
Mazha orikkal koodi peidhirunnengil !
Posting one of my malayalam poem !
Sorry... Hope some can understand..
Mar 2017 · 377
Cunning Crow
Prathipa Nair Mar 2017
Sunday noon after a heavy lunch
Gravely falling into a small nap
A knock at the door woke me up
Jumped out of my sleep to see
Out in the courtyard drying red chillies
Coconuts cut into pieces left in the sun
Unaware hit by a piece of coconut on my head
Turned over to catch the thief red handed
On my way to room with a frown
Thief with a coconut busy scratching
With a knock on my room's door
She, the black cunning crow!
Mar 2017 · 214
A Fact
Prathipa Nair Mar 2017
Thanking rain for watering my plants
Flowers laughing at my laziness
Mar 2017 · 726
Young Smile
Prathipa Nair Mar 2017
When someone asks my age I smile
They start guessing twenty five,twenty eight
I smile again at their curiosity
And reply I am forty two !
Looking at me with a surprise
They ask me how come?
Your smile never tells your age
With a smile again, I replied
My heart never grow old !!
When a heart is young, a smile always looks young:-p
Mar 2017 · 241
Life's Journey
Prathipa Nair Mar 2017
Sitting alone in my courtyard
With the thought of this life's journey
Where is it taking me for a ride
In a three wheeler vehicle
With back two tyres of past and present
A front tyre of running future
Losing even one of them
Vehicle of life loses balance of drive
At times a pleasant journey
At times a scary journey
And at times a meaningful journey
Reaching a destination to stop the journey
Sometimes no idea where life is taking us for a ride
Feb 2017 · 555
Priceless Love
Prathipa Nair Feb 2017
Memorising her childhood days,vacations,grand parents
Grandmother with eyes on road waiting the arrival of her grandchildren
Woke her up the horn of cars getting into the courtyard
Eyes filled with tears of happiness seeing her family
Running towards expecting a grand hug
Busy in their world of technology desisted unnoticed
Grandmother's priceless valuable love for them
Seconds,minutes,hours,days bygone
House filled with members of her family
Where she alone with nothingness of love
Abandoned in a corner with a heavy heart
Feb 2017 · 1.3k
Prathipa Nair Feb 2017
Dancing on the floor of sky
Touching every single star
Twinkling to my moves
Comes the moon walking towards me
With a mysterious smile
Lifting me on its shoulders
Moves hastily through white clouds!
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