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I used to rush at everything
I rush at every line

Want it now, need it soon
The dates and time combine

I do despair when it doesn't come
As speedy, as accurately

My timeline, my needs!
Oh, my necessities!

But someone reminded me
of how Life isn't a fair game
If I don't enjoy the slow moments
I'd really lose with shame

Shame, because every moment,
every raindrop has its course
It takes a thousand hours to build the clouds
to bring up a push of sorts

Then that HO2 hits the ground
And as they say, "When it rains, it pours."
By then, with hope, you'll be less lost
and a little more than "found"
I begged to see the rainbow,
& the flower in you whispered,
"Ma, I want one."

You see, you seek, you believed in me
The purity of dignity

No qualms about what sins I had
None of those sheepish eyes
The neighbors give
when I bore you in my tubby tummy

One prayer I said to Him had come
I just didn't know how bright
it'd be to hold you in my arms
So much that I'm blinded within

Just know that Ma's got ancestry,
Ambitions, sorrows, and certainty

Though Ma's got all these lion eyes
One thing's unchanging

You have been the Sun in a life
that's devoid of autumn's bloom
I knew I picked
this day to rest
For a part of it is true

Someday we'd all be
Something grand, someone
they'd rally to

It'll be a part of memory
a clip to look back to

I'd say, "Oh, how
we used to be so bland,
but hopelessly hopeful"

Then, smirking, I added,
With no doubt and remorse

"T'was because we knew
this day would come as NOW
when we hoped this as tomorrow."
To stumble by thousands
The legions of failure
following your footsteps
wherever you go

The shackles were given
before you could speak
and nothing is permanent
'til your will says it so

You follow a path
of nobody's design
No blueprint, not witnesses
'Til you're up in the limelight

But you chose this, you did
When the heavens were broken
and your wings were clipped

You said, "Father, I want to see
how I will live, imprint a legacy
how I can defy the odds on me
how my weak body can cause catastrophe

Anomaly in the midst of suburban
An island that floats by the edge a plant
a little bee with that one solo wing

Confused you ask, "Why am I thee?"

And the answer reflects back,

"Because remember, you chose to be me."
Where there are ruins
there's hope for a new day

Where the crying mother lies
are children of power

The world revolves around a vicious cycle
But the people of Courage will continually


The barriers
The Opposition
The Unjust
and the Unruly

Because, and this doesn't need repeating,

Love and hope always win.
Pat Villaceran Nov 2018
I saw you there

The hazy, dark and

Wallowing in
On dead possibilities

I made a picture
of what we'll be
on how we'll seem
to when we see

That it's all just
a lie
we tell our minds
a story
our souls will never believe

I tried to
say goodbye
To let it go but I'll

still, be left with haziness
the Blurry Scenes
of far nights

No holding on
None left on my sleeves

then, eventually
and finally
I'll just be left with no you
in my dreams
Pat Villaceran Nov 2018
You walk the fiery
Depths of hell
The scorching crumbs
Of hardened fire

It burns your sole
The skin, the pain
And the tears
Fall down your eyes

They say the useless
Things but none
That'd tether your
Own will

For you will seek
The valleys and the mountains
Deep within
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