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 Jul 2019 Priyam
Veronica Moore
I want a place to go,
Where I myself feel free,
A place I can call my home,
Where I can feel truly me.
The only place I seem to find,
No matter where I look,
Is tucked away from others' sight
Inside my favorite book.
Feel free to critique!
 Jun 2019 Priyam
Jayantee Khare
इश्क़ का मंज़र तो देखिये ज़नाब!
दिल में आग लगी है,
दिमाग पे पाला पड़ा है,
और आँखों से ख्वाहिशे बरस रही हैं.

Enjoy the scenery in love my dear!
Heart is set on fire,
Mind is frosted,
and Eyes raining desire.
Posting another shayari from my old diary...
Bear with me for poor translation...
 May 2019 Priyam
Virginia Eden
We are lowly swallows
pulling together the corners of the universe
so that other lovers might be together,
if just for a single, stranded night
of reckless abandon.
A poem on feeling like the leftover piece in someone else's romance novel
 May 2019 Priyam
farthest star
Traversing the constellations that unite our worlds
         of light and dark,
I seek refuge in the ephemeral soul that is you.
Although our time together is fleeting
such as any and every star that reaches my observation,
         I still adore the intertwining of divinity
with that of mundane creatures, like myself.
         the salient life that emerges from this phantasmagoria
is priceless in every respect because it comes from you,
who inspires me to dance amongst the nebulous gala
         perhaps we will collide
and we will swirl into the abyss of everlasting night
or collapse and rebirth a new universe.

Nonetheless, we will meet one day
my muse, my treasure island,

my farthest star.
 Jul 2018 Priyam
Frank Discussion
I gave you a chocolate bar last night.
As if that could soften the blow of divorce.

A divorce that hits,
With all of the force
Of things that came before
the last few scenes
Of this remorseful divorce.

I invited you to breakfast.
As if eating cancer inducing bacon with our children,
Will close this void.

A void that has grown,
As you try to avoid
Eye contact with the man who annoyed,
But was gravely ill
And took no joy
As his marriage became
This hideous void.

I love the smell of freshly signed divorce papers in the morning (sic).
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