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 Dec 2019 N
love reprised.
 Dec 2019 N
sleeping soundly,
my love beside me.
i wonder if he knows,
my midnight woes.

not long ago,
i met a beau.
denying his glamour,
would cause me to stammer.

but i am reminded again,
of my sweet man.
nothing could change my love,
as pure as a white dove.

temptation is hard to resist,
but true love always persists.
 Dec 2019 N
Your love
 Dec 2019 N
Your beautiful voice
I close my eyes and hear you say
"baby, hold me"
"don't let me miss your arms"

Your smile
it use to light up
my darkest day
I could only... smile right back

Your love
you're gone
but I remember your love
it will last for all eternity
 Dec 2019 N
Robert D
 Dec 2019 N
Robert D
I was once your world
Now just an afterthought
We planned our future
Now you've forgotten our past
We dreamed together
Now a nightmare apart
I loved you then
I still love you now
 Nov 2019 N
Mitch Prax
A Lot Less
 Nov 2019 N
Mitch Prax
I forgot how
we found each other-
all I know is that since then,
I've been feeling a lot less lost
and a lot less empty.
 Nov 2019 N
Mitch Prax
You know,
I don’t blame you.
And how could I blame you,
when it was me?
I get it, I'm not the easiest
person to be around,
let alone love.  
I admire you for trying-
it must have been exhausting.
But that's okay,
I don't mind being alone-
maybe I'm the only company
that can tolerate me.
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