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Charity starts at home don't we say?
Be kind to your kith and kin come what may.
A family's not only your safe haven
Tis pals your very own roots
Water these shoots with love devoid of hate
So they bear you sweeter fruits.

Maybe you'd say that's not so easy
but perhaps that's coz you just too busy
Or your clock just don't chime
for quality family time?
For if you can't make time for a letter or a hug
Then let my poem give your conscience a gentle tug.

And if this may sound like a very preachy homily
Deserves much more mention and affection the family
If you can make time for so many other things
some of them not even worthwhile
Try discover the happiness family brings
Just a tad modify that routine lifestyle.

My words in crystal clear clarity
sing compassion is likewise a charity
Charity need not be for strangers only
Find out who needs help in kindred and family
Ties of kinship severe not
Value the relations you've got
Your siblings, cousins from your family tree
and all else that you call family.

What supports and buttresses your family tree are your very own roots
And what keeps the tree living on are your beloved offshoots
Love and regard is quintessential to reaping  sweeter fruits
My cover pic reflects my newest poem, it's selected from the Internet
 Nov 2018 Nikos Kyriazis
The story behind a scar
Brings tears before a smile
Be it as it may,
Wear the scars like a badge
The smile with a pride
Yesterday may not be pretty,today not perfect, tomorrow undecided but,
Don't be afraid to voice your story
Be proud you are growing
Truth is no one's life is a masterpiece
We all have our battlefield
Paint your life to your taste but,
And your soul will be replenished
once you're showered with
what you crave
and yearn for the most
Your roots spread
and dig
and grow
You'll spurt into the tall blades
into the night sky, even
Your curled petals
will open to this world
What do you need?
Your stretched petals will tell you
And so will the sun,
the great source in the sky
Grow and grow through the garden
The garden is your home
to rest
to replenish
You need a home
You need others akin to a home
Flowers need love
And love you shall receive, child.
 Oct 2018 Nikos Kyriazis
You seem lost
Whenever I encounter your presence
No matter if you’re in the center of civility
Or the most savage of circumstances
Wandering in the midst of a world
Obsessed with being found

You roam
In between the most extreme of situations
Trying to join this crowd
Who claim to be found
To belong
Yet, I wonder why you would wish to be normal

Perhaps I haven’t been clear
Watching you go through your journey
Seeing these valleys you traverse
Entranced in your delicate balance
I wished you knew this:
You have a place

It’s not much
Simple structure, empty space
With no sign of anyone previous
But still one I would show to no other
Perhaps my hesitation lies thus
In the mystification of why you would accept this place

I do hope you know, however
That it will remain
A small oasis in the midst of the desert you travel
Forever undisturbed

For if you never find such a place
To take shelter
From the storm that rages around you
There will be one awaiting

Next to me
 Oct 2018 Nikos Kyriazis
She swings, she lays, back in a haze
The paleness in her face, she soon begins to gaze
Her words were cold, the world was sold
The only thing she knew was growing old
The lights were dim, she slightly grinned
If nature takes, then nature took
She knew it all, she leaped the fall
The world was warmer, for her less colder
Why there is no god when innocents die and
why there is just to show the implied forgiveness?
Where is he when decisions must be made and
why he exists to judge those who dare make them
eventually instead of him?
Love he may inspire but also fear, such fear that
faith lost its meaning. Is there any god after all?
Is it simply a notion of modern mythology?
I wonder what people would think in thousands
of years maybe less, i wonder if they would talk
about us as we talk about the pagans of the old.
Who am i to judge some may say.
I am a free man released from narcissism and
I am free to choose the feelings of the human heart.
I am free to defy a tail that was written like all others
and if i am to blame then free will would be such
a contradiction.
What if happiness is not only joy.
What if happiness is the struggle you've been through
for a cause known only to a few,
yet full of love and compassion.
What if...
What if happiness is a light
seen only by few.

— The End —