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xcigsx Feb 2021
Trying to hold on
And I refuse to let go
Repairing the rope

But the end of the rope
Wasn’t strong to hold us both
I haven’t logged on in 4+years
Here’s a darker one
About my battle with my depression
xcigsx Feb 2021
She swings, she lays, back in a haze
The paleness in her face, she soon begins to gaze
Her words were cold, the world was sold
The only thing she knew was growing old
The lights were dim, she slightly grinned
If nature takes, than nature took
She knew it all, she leaped the fall
The world was warmer, for her less colder
I posted this back in 2018. But I never talked about what it meant. It’s about a woman’s battle with addiction
xcigsx Nov 2018
You needed your space
I needed you here
So we talk and we argue
And we don’t take our time
To figure out the mistakes
I am not really good at expressing my emotions so Ignore them and suppress them till I feel it all come to me at once
xcigsx Nov 2018
Yellow her shirt
Removed at her worst
Dancing with no tune
Living amused
Needed to run
So she followed the sun
xcigsx Nov 2018
We talk to fill the space
Carried by the weight
We brush off the world, from our feelings
We let the weight sink us in
So deep that it was beneath me
I couldn’t climb up, to save you
So I gave up, and left you
xcigsx Oct 2018
Laying next to you is like a blank page
It could be filled with so much words
Pictures even, anything that I set my mind too
But it could also be filled with hurt
My page is filled with hurt
A page I’d like to erase and shred
But it’s ink marked words, so permanent
The words sat too long for me to erase
I pressed my finger, but it only smeared our memories
It smeared the thoughts we shared
It smeared the words we fought
But to erase what I felt, was too permanent for me to erase
So the ink on the page sits, as I try to continue to erase the words on the page.
xcigsx Apr 2017
I want to forget you
Leave you outside
But in my mind
You find your way inside
I want to believe you
Listen to what you have to say
But trapped in your lies
You're always hidden in disguise
I want to forgive you
But it isn't enough
You never changed
And waiting is tough
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