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 Nov 2015 Mr Bigglesworth
A professor explained to me once
how there is a limited number
of possible designs for making
an arrow point function as intended.

You can't stick a round rock on a stick
and expect it to penetrate like a dart.

It has to be sharp and hard, yet light
to fly like a feather straight and true
to the heart. I said, you mean like love?

She said, yeah, like love, kinda like love.
 Sep 2015 Mr Bigglesworth
Bound and gagged
I wonder what his mother thinks
If only she could see the way
I'm ******* to the kitchen sink

Everything's distorted
For that love of mine, he poisoned me
A couple drops of Propofol
Inside that lovely cup of tea

The room is spinning
I don't know what's going on
A pillow's placed over my face
It hurts, and then the feeling's gone

Choking hands around my neck
I'm running out of panicked breaths
Screaming doesn't seem to help
When staring at the face of death

The tears are out of my control
He covers me in gasoline
Lights a match, and drops it
In his mind he finally sets me free
 Sep 2015 Mr Bigglesworth
I dream of you..
My flawless Apollo
Unable to fathom
Yet easy to follow

In the darkness
I can't tell the King from a pawn
But with the death of a god
Came the first golden dawn

In a permanent sleep
I'm impaled to the bed
The most beautiful dagger
Stabbed me right through the head

Though I'm happy for that
'Cause I think with my heart
Death is but the beginning
When you play with the arts

I untangle the sword
To push you off of me
Could Romeo & Juliette
Still love with a lobotomy?

The answer is yes
I yank the sword from your chest
Then I mummify your body
And cover you in amulets

From the Book of the Dead
I recite you a prayer
    "Your heart is mine
    And it is at rest there."

I lye down beside you
Re-bludgeon myself
From zombie to angel
Into Heaven from Hell

Corpses in a pyramid
What perfect symmetry
Death is short
But love is for eternity
 Jul 2015 Mr Bigglesworth
There is a young man who deserves our support
He runs a website where poets can talk
It's called HP
It's totally free
And his name is Eliot York
three cheers for Eliot
hip hip...
 Jul 2015 Mr Bigglesworth
When the glass runs out of sand
Gently guide me through the night
Sit by me and hold my hand
Be my comfort and my light

Gently guide me through the night
Let us chase the shadows down
Be my comfort and my light
Let me see you smile not frown

Let us chase the shadows down
Though I see your eyes do weep
Let me see you smile not frown
Until such time as we may sleep

Though I see your eyes do weep
Sit by me and hold my hand
Until such time as we may sleep
When the glass runs out of sand
 Jun 2015 Mr Bigglesworth
 Jun 2015 Mr Bigglesworth
Every time I lie,
I break a piece of myself.

I dunno the real reason
why I haven't post this,
perhaps it spoke too much
in such few words.
 Jun 2015 Mr Bigglesworth
Aries* - Tell me about every person who broke your heart, tell me about how you fantasize of never being heard of again.

Taurus - Tell me about the demons that tuck you in bed every night and you lay awake and try to fill the void in your heart with lost causes.

Gemini - Do you remember the last time you spilled your feelings out to someone? And had them touch your soul instead of your body? Has anyone ever tried to untangle the mess you heart’s been in?

Cancer - When did you feel the shock of losing someone? When you realized you will never fell their touch or hear their voice, you will only see their smiles in photographs.

Leo - Remember the first time someone told you theyre never going to leave you? How long has the hole you’ve torn in your heart been empty?

Virgo -Tell me about how you’re torn between forgetting them and forgiving them

Libra - Tell me about how you’ve been looking for love in all the wrong people, why it hurts so much when they look at you like that.

Scorpio - Tell me about the first time you felt the weight of hatred on your heart. Who left you so broken that now your eyes would cut deeper than any knife you’ve ever picked up.  

Sagittarius - How many times have you said “why won’t my heart stop beating” before falling asleep?

Capricorn - How many times have you tried to convince your mind that the person you love, loves you back?

Aquarius - Who broke the windows to your heart? You thought it would hurt for a minute but it’s been 4 years and nothing’s changed.

Pisces - How many poems have you written that no one will ever read? The ones  about your ex lovers who left you broken on the bathroom floor while you carved their names on your walls.
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