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Kim Love
Florida    Some call it Poetry..... I call them "Pieces of My Heart"
My words may not always be eloquent, but they are true. Writing to purge my soul rather than to please another is cathartic. Enjoy my ...
Adam Jones
Bumfuck, Misery    Fucking bio.
Saparonia Holliday
UK    I was told my poems were from the devil so threw them away at 18 . I know now that there is no devil - ...
Wannabe poet, hopeless romantic (or just hopeless)
23/M/Maryland    Trying to make something of these words. Always looking to read, write, and discuss. -Feel free to message- I wrote this stuff but none of ...
M/Bedfordshire, England   
24/Ohio, USA    insecurity thrives in the gap between "I want to" and "I should".
Mike Hauser
Sunny Florida    I'm a poet and I know it, I make a rhyme.... I make a rhyme................ CRAP!!!
F/Ireland    I have self-published on amazon. com and My works found here -
NC    Life provides the contours, poets provide the shading and color ~ r All rights reserved.
All poems posted here are my original works, except the ones that are not mine. Copyright ©2012-2017 J.M. All Rights Reserved.
So Jo
19/Gender Fluid   
Bangladesh    I let the nature to be my companion and teacher...
Petal pie
Brighton, England    Loopy lady loves to muse and converse with others, writes amateur odes from time to time. I love flowers, my kids, making things, my job ...
Just expressing emotions by writing . My poems are personal So Don't get offended if you don't want to know about what happens in my ...
Jessica Who
England    Walk with me pilgrim/ Together, in the Springtime/ We will write haiku............
Anna King
flaming arrow    “The only man who never makes mistakes is the man who never does anything.” ― Roosevelt / If you could time-travel to a moment in ...
kara lynn bird
Boston    it's true. i divide myself into teeny tiny bits, causing a glit ch with the rhythm of my heart.
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