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Miro Nov 2017
Look above,
look at this tree growing tall above our heads,
count its hundreds of branches,
see the leafs that flourish and shine.

Look at the clouds behind it,
the thousands of white shades they create,
look at that blue sky,
a charming canvas that changes,
hour after hour,
displaying a multitude of different planets.

The Universe contains infinity.

You see, it all begins when,
despite all you see,
you only want one thing.

Just one thing.
Miro Sep 2017
Let Sun fool you, enlighten you inside
warm your soul, blaze your crust.
Feel his power, dance upon it.
Can you hear his distinctive tone?
He's calling you to join him. Listen.
So perk up, show your armor. Standstill.
Dark's coming for another feud.
Miro Sep 2017
This image has the ethereal magic to stop
that candid snowflake, coming from a snowing sky,
which lays now in a warm field.
It preserves the feelings
of how beautiful it was floating on air,
and that freedom
still thrive in me as the seasons go by.
Miro Sep 2017
We were like a sparkle in a sterile planet,
we never became fire.
But do you see that comet there in the sky?
It came back.
So could you
Word play let the end to have a role of affirmation as well as supplication.

— The End —