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7.9k · Aug 2015
A Psychedelic Walk of Life
MickeyP Aug 2015
Allow me to steer you from this endless road of monotony
to a luminous land
where you will be bathed in an effervescent afterglow
Created by a realm of invisible possibilities
spun into the iridescent colorwheel of hope
Melt into my embracing arms
as I lead you through a state of comatose
I will guide you to the kaleidescape
And you will
How encaged you have been
by the life presented
By the fearful and the small
So enraptured by the mundane
So afraid to rearrange
I understand the temptation .
Believe me
I understand
But allow me to explain how the ultimate risk you take
Is when your fear of not knowing
is why it all remains the same

1.0k · Aug 2015
MickeyP Aug 2015
Anchored at the berth
For centuries
to gracefully
Slip the mooring
A distant yesterday's whisper
now steadfast
As if bewitched by the galaxy
Unaware of the
Land and liberation
Tauntingly so
Refusing to be liberated
Time and time
again it slips from moon to sun
And time has stood still for so long
It has become
601 · Aug 2015
MickeyP Aug 2015
Vast realm
lifeless bodies roaming the streets
souls headed in no particular direction
achromatic skies roll on eternally
the seemingly colossal heap of rotted decayed yesterdays
men with not the faintest inkling of a mission
encaged  by the desolate frozen grounds he once roamed freely
enslaved by his own ruthless vindictive mind
exuding gusts of bitter, bone chilling air
ensnaring me in its wrath.
And I,
I so invincible,
I so inviolable..
I Crumble.
Just like that.
585 · Aug 2015
Script Of Lies
MickeyP Aug 2015
To not integrate
To bring men, all of men
Faceless men
To a cave
To be amongst but never within
Where nameless figures
Bound by archaic scripts
And lies
Killing in the name of God
All in the name of God
Bound by the undefined
And lies
Twisted to resemble
Despicable art
And more lies
Creating monsters
Through no fault of their own, yet monsters.
It can not be golden
It will never be golden
You can not infuse beauty by telling gilded lies
317 · Aug 2015
Carry Me Home
MickeyP Aug 2015
To be found
Beneath the hovering sheath of smoke
To clamp your wet lashes
As the dust lands on your lids
To follow the sillage to the light at the end
Of the road
To be carried down the winded path
Sheltered from the thick
To lift your chin
To wrap their jagged
Around your neck
To hear the hollow laugh
Echo in the darkness
Of the rose amidst the thorns
As the wind brushes your cheek
he scurries past
Bearing you
In his arms
And as he sets you down
The earth beneath bare feet
you understand
when he reaches for your hand
for his, too
is leathered
all the same
and trembling from the the strain
Of years of letting go

#home #love #shattered #lies #nature #kindred #hope #connection

— The End —