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  Dec 2015 Melisa
Bo Burnham
Her eyes were like fire.
They weren't red or anything.
Not particularly warm, either.
They didn't glow or "appear to glow,"
whatever that means.

But they had that same strange blend of
familiar and miraculous---
and they were always nice to look at
after a long day of doing things.
  Dec 2015 Melisa
Bo Burnham
When I was little,
I killed ants with a magnifying glass.

And now I'm big.
And I worry I'm doing the same thing with you.
  Dec 2015 Melisa
Bo Burnham
You're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.
And I know that.

But I can't rediscover it every ******* day.
I can't return to that epiphany
every time my alarm clock goes off.
It's unnatural.

But what I can do, and do quite naturally,
is become jaded and unimpressed by it.
I can see your beauty as normal,
as one of my life's many constants.

I can climb atop its shoulders and travel about,
rolling my eyes at sunsets and rainbows,
dismissing all the beauty of the world as
less than average.

And I complain to you about it.
And you can deduce your beauty from that.
Melisa Sep 2015
How I wish I could make it so that you were satisfied with both everything and nothing at once
That you could feel the way you were meant to feel, they way you used to
you always deserved better
but the grip, the weight on your bones is shaking you
My dear, treat yourself well not because of the universe around you
but the universe inside you,
for to them, you may be what is good and holy
Young God
This world is cruel and you are succumbing to it
you can always turn back, you can you can
Avert your self destruction and channel it into rebirth
Your bones are stronger than your will but that's within your control
Are you willing?
No matter what is happening, you are with my heart. You know who you are. Be safe.
Melisa May 2015
Thirty thousand dollars.
That is how much a decent education will cost me.
Thirty thousand a year.
Thirty thousand that should go towards my family's debt right now but will only add to it in 2 years time.

"Why are these kids so lazy? Why don't they get degrees? Maybe then they wouldn't be so **** broke."

Well hey, the money we're hoping to make with our degrees means nothing when we're spending the first 10 'legal' years of our lives working to keep afloat,
keep the IRS from breathing down our necks,
keep pulling together just enough to not quite make rent yet again.

"Get a job. That's what I did growing up. You're just making excuses."

Yeah, and when you were growing up Yale's tuition was 5k and flipping burgers made enough to feed a family.

Brick by brick our fates are sealed,

Brick by brick we were set up for financial disrepair.

"Don't forget about FAFSA", right?
But of course, if you have an income, it's all going towards college, right?
Or if you don't, your middle class parents can afford to pay for you to go, right?

They don't need to give us a ton of help - rent is a luxury, remember?

Money is a luxury, remember?

Living is a luxury, remember?
And a great big ******* to the American education system.
Melisa Jun 2014
This song makes me feel like love.
Not like I'm falling in to it
Or loving someone
Or harboring something unrequited
I feel warm
I feel fuzzy
I feel content
I feel like love.
Melisa Mar 2014
Here I am, sitting in a class full of recycled personalities and dull eyes.
The term 'ignorance is bliss' is like a religious belief.
Everyone follows it.
These are the people that peak in high school.
Blank stares and obnoxious laughter
Meaningless conversations fill the room like thick smoke
and you know what?
I always ******* hated cigarettes.
Is this all that high school is like?
Is this the norm?
God, I can't wait to get out of here.
I've been ready to graduate since the day I was born.
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