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 Dec 2019 megan
Bryan Lunsford
In her presence, I am lost,
Searching for words that I cannot find,
As discombobulated thoughts,
Persist to clutter my mind,
She continues to talk,
Though, have no words to reply,
So I nod,
Then look into her eyes,
Where, still, all words are lost,
But happiness, I find
 Mar 2019 megan
 Mar 2019 megan
ribs exposed
mirrored full image
abandoned health
Wasting away waist
to say a goodbye
to both people
and food
you can cure darkness
but it won't stop it
from invading my body again
 Feb 2019 megan
hey you
 Feb 2019 megan
you are enough.
and always will be.
 Feb 2019 megan
Pretending that tomorrow
Will be better than today
Pretending in the future
You’ll actually want to live
Pretending some part of you
Actually really matters
Pretending you care about
Your self destructive habits
Pretending you want
To be better, to get better.
Pretending you’re normal
Average, happy, and content
 Feb 2019 megan
Charlotte Ahern
As I bloom into the most beautiful flower
You slowly poison my roots
Hoping I'll wilt
So you stand taller in the garden
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