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Jun 2019 · 81
who am i
megan Jun 2019
will i ever find out who i am?
or am i just a hologram?
an experiment in simulation
Feb 2019 · 591
megan Feb 2019
its hard to despise your reflection
when you refuse to accept less than perfection
and when you wake up everyday feeling as if you have failed.

its hard to fight against your body for control
as melancholy takes over your soul
as you slowly lose your mind.
Feb 2019 · 128
megan Feb 2019
i can still feel the electricity inflicted by your touch
i can still taste all your lies on my lips
but we were not meant to be.
and all i can think about is

are you finally happy?
Dec 2018 · 185
megan Dec 2018
velvet rose sunsets
in between the sheets
me and you and our cassettes  
cruising in the front seats
Dec 2018 · 644
megan Dec 2018
Anxiety and Depression
they form a lethal combination.

you’re  scared but also tired,
feeling to much but also feeling numb.

fearful of failure but lacking motivation,
wanting to be alone but afraid to be lonley.

you're at a constant battle with your Mind.
Dec 2018 · 138
megan Dec 2018
you exist in every corner of my mind
and they say that love will make you blind,
but with you i see trichromatic
every second makes me more erratic.

tell me you don’t think of me,
you know my all my idiosyncrasies.
just let go and take my hand?
you are my only wonderland.
Nov 2018 · 97
megan Nov 2018
why can we never listen to our own advice?
is it because it isn't true?
or is it because we realize we aren't worthy.
Nov 2018 · 316
megan Nov 2018
and somehow i fell
but it wasn’t all at once.
it was slow and painful and beautiful,
and every time i closed my eyes i saw You.
Nov 2018 · 410
megan Nov 2018
i'm fragile,
you're cruel,
when i started to unravel
you labelled me minuscule.
Sep 2018 · 140
megan Sep 2018
i am restricted to this box,
terrified of what people may think.
my throat, my stomach, everything's in knots,
and i am heaving on the brink.
Sep 2018 · 158
megan Sep 2018
lately i don’t feel okay,
my feelings by my smile betrayed.
inside i am crumpling,
lonliness overbearing.

i feel like im trapped inside,
i need something to free my mind,
craving the bottle cyanide,
i need help.
Sep 2018 · 180
megan Sep 2018
i begged you to stay,
but you walked away,
sapphire skies turn ash grey,
now everything’s in disarray.
Sep 2018 · 232
megan Sep 2018
tinged blue and green,
chaotic and mysterious,
to think they would glance at me,
i would be delirious.
Sep 2018 · 160
in too deep
megan Sep 2018
it’s scary because when they leave,
you don’t just lose them
you irrevocably lose a piece of yourself.

you become hollow and insecure,
and somehow, you blame yourself,
for loving to fiercely.
Sep 2018 · 182
megan Sep 2018
i crave it,
i endlessly fantasize,
but im a hypocrite,
my heart would abscise.

don’t say those three words,
don’t tell me.
im too afraid,
it’s just a hyperbole.
Sep 2018 · 161
megan Sep 2018
You flash your green eyes,
and make me fall,
a smile to hypnotize,
as comes nightfall.

but its repetition yet again,
her name's on a loop.
i try and try to abstain,
but out comes the truth

i know i could show you,
your smile could be pure,
from the sadness a breakthrough,
a new meaning for those three words.
Aug 2018 · 129
uh oh
megan Aug 2018
i realized today
i might be inlove with You
a wave of disarray
i don’t know what to do.
Aug 2018 · 227
Ice blue
megan Aug 2018
i was blue but You wanted red,
i felt it in everything You left unsaid.
You said You loved my icy glow,
but You prefer her rosy manifesto.
you can me let go, you can rebuff,
i understand i’m not good enough.
Aug 2018 · 2.3k
cosmic dust
megan Aug 2018
with every click of Their tongues,
i am acquiescent.
Their words fill my lungs,
audible discontent.

i swallow Their disgust,
mostly misinterpreted,
i nonchalantly combust,
now i am free.
Aug 2018 · 414
megan Aug 2018
distorted view,
piece of glass,
i am society’s lower class.
Aug 2018 · 126
megan Aug 2018
i say goodnight to you,
amidst the dark blue,
isolated and ivory.

i wish you were concrete
you have no heartbeat
at least you cannot hurt me
Aug 2018 · 208
heartbreaking haiku
megan Aug 2018
you cut the same lines
piercing deeper each time
a master villain, a verbal crime.
Aug 2018 · 140
no excuse
megan Aug 2018
your eyes sparkle
your voice sings
your smell lingers
your words sting

you laugh like a kid
you are always polite
you compliment me
it always leads to a fight

you’re perfect, to my dismay
but that doesn’t stop me

i probe until i find something,
an excuse to walk away.
Aug 2018 · 107
megan Aug 2018
hits like a thunderbolt,
creeps through your veins,
a psychopathic frenzy,
my insubordinate brain.

without a warning,
without a reason,
it’s a catalyst for heartbreak,
emotional bleeding

a cry for help
muffled by the tears
turmoil and fear
deteriorating upstairs.
Aug 2018 · 5.3k
megan Aug 2018
i think in colours
i only hear your voice
would i be yellow,
if it was your choice?

do you see me?
do you know my name?
my idiosyncracry
it’s making me deranged

if i was a instrument
would you play me?
it’s detriment
and ambivalency

you are strong
and i am weak,
i want to belong,
to your mystique
Jul 2018 · 143
megan Jul 2018
sometimes i wonder
if you ever wonder about me
Jul 2018 · 456
see me
megan Jul 2018
she walks around with her head down low,
avoiding all the eyes,
its as if she doesn’t know,
she hasn’t realized.

that she’s the reason he's okay,
the reason that he tries,
she thinks she’s just a castaway,
but she gives him butterflies.

to him, she smells like sunshine,
she’s so beautiful, she glows
he wishes she would realize,
but she’ll never know.
Jul 2018 · 229
megan Jul 2018
i have so much to say to you,
and i want to see you again,
but you said that we are through,
you said we can’t be friends.

now i lay awake through the night,
and i am thinking of you again,
wishing you would hold me tight,
struggling to forget our conversation.

it shouldn’t have ended like this,
but you deserved more,
i then gave you one last kiss,
you didn’t love me anymore.
Jun 2018 · 91
megan Jun 2018
on a list of things you love
how long would it take you to list yourself?
#selflove #acceptance
Jun 2018 · 78
megan Jun 2018
you were like a rose
beautiful from far away,
but hurt when i got close.
Jun 2018 · 145
thankfully happy.
megan Jun 2018
I hope one day
Even if far away
I can make you as happy as you made me.
May 2018 · 154
megan May 2018
a forest laden with the pine’s perfume,
a field littered with blood red tulips,
a waterfall white and luminescent,
a flamboyant ocean floor

a vivid salmon sunrise,
a crisp winter breeze,
a bird’s chirp at dawn,
a jacaranda’s bloom

they asked me to describe you and this is all that came to mind.
May 2018 · 373
megan May 2018
his gaze ignites her
his smile invites her
his laugh delights her
his love excites her

her mind fascinates him
her body fixates him
her touch captivates him
her love saturates him
May 2018 · 165
you left
megan May 2018
tears streaming
knuckles white
internal screaming
struggling to get through the night

your image haunting
bound to my mind
the thought of you taunting
forever confined

unfazed by my agony,
you turn a blind eye,
an ice cold mentality,
you never said goodbye.
May 2018 · 229
let me
megan May 2018
you have storms inside you one cannot contain
blizzards and cyclones, a wide range.
most destruction inflicted by yourself
the consequence of feelings that were long withheld.

if you let me in i will rescue you
drain the darkness from your soul and make it brand new.
we'll walk in the meadow, you'll be the sunshine
please, let me be your new starting line.
May 2018 · 111
megan May 2018
rays hit you
illuminate you
drenching you in gold
the only warmth in this cold

splattered with freckles
playful smirk
infinite love
we never thought we would see the end of

now we don’t acknowledge
you have forgotten me
moved on ages ago
just someone you used to know
#past #heartbreak #one-sided #pain #strangers
May 2018 · 161
megan May 2018
years have passed
we have tried and failed
love and pain felt consecutively

arrogant and dismissive
self delusion throughout
two seperated puzzle pieces
May 2018 · 187
i’m sorry.
megan May 2018
i distance myself continuously
losing myself deliberately
slipping away slowly
doing it coldly
May 2018 · 139
megan May 2018
it’s dark and lonely
i treat myself so coldly.
nothing makes sense anymore
small things have become a chore.

everything seems so distant
always inconsistent.
everyone says i’ve changed
my mind is utterly deranged.

but don’t worry about me
this poem isn’t a plea.
i will be okay
maybe, someday

— The End —