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Martin Kroyer May 2014
Oh my girl she left
Well, **** that feeling
And **** what she did.

I know the past is dead
But sure I do hope
That we're not done yet.

But I don't care where you go
'cause I'm better of without you
Yesterday is gone
Yesterday was you.

You find pride in that
You must have felt happy
When you stabbed my back.

God, is he with you?
He better not find out
That you stabbed him too.

But I don't care where you go
'cause I'm better of without you
Yesterday is gone
Yesterday was you.

Inside it twists my heart
It hurts some people
When you rip them apart.

Outside I feel out of luck
But at least I stayed
And I never gave up.
A close friend stabbed my back - it was painful, but I'm on the good side of pain now.
Martin Kroyer May 2014
A picture on a screen
How easily they pass you by

A pastoral scene
The sun is burning your skin
The breeze is cooling your warmth
The animals that walk, the ones that fly
You see the grass, the tress and the entire field.

But you are limited
You cannot sense all the warmth
You cannot feel all the cool
You do not understand every living thing walking or flying
You see the grass and the trees
But the field is too big for you to comprehend.

It is sad
You cannot know everything
You are limited
By your desire to be unlimited.

And this is magic
Do you see what you just did there?
You thought of 'eternity'

What is eternity?
It is beyond us
It is beyond anything we know
But we can imagine it
We am limited
Yet we know things that are beyond me.

It should be impossible
But it is not
And I see eternity in you.
Read about Immanuel Kants aesthetics. Really beautiful, hope it shines through.
Martin Kroyer May 2014
Home on fire
It always made me blue
And when I feel alone
I dig a road home to you

Golden sounds
You will lay in snow
Touch your skin
And feel it glow.

The earth laughs
At your heavy feet
It's just that way
You dig a road home to me.
Some scrambled words I found.
Martin Kroyer May 2014
That man, that’s not me
Soon, I’m not here
Hold on
I disappear.

These days I drift away
Just turning round and round
You won’t
Let me down.

I’d change just for you
But never let me go
Fall back
In the arms I know.

In a while I’ll leave
Am I lost or found
You won’t
Let me down
Words for a time when you feel things are going to change, and though it might scare you, be without fear.
Martin Kroyer May 2014
you’re pushing my emotions
I know,
I won’t last everything
You are pushing me like an ocean
And I’m drowning fast.

But don’t push me away,
You know I will drag you close
and what a drag it is,
And though our home is where we stay
Don't ever push me away.

you are pushing my devotion
I know,
just take your time or anything
Our life is the fastest motion
But I would pause you and I

Don’t rush me away
I know I can’t let go
So don’t let go of me
And though our bed is where we stay
Don't ever push me away.
A song I wrote for someone who ended up pushing me away.
Martin Kroyer May 2014
I am a little prince
Living on a planet
Far too small for you to see
Here is a million stars
But a single flower
To spend all the sunsets with.

Bussinessmen and Tippler's words
They sound as I'm left by birds
With a friend to
Forever last.
And if I could make you mine
You say there's one last goodbye
For you and me
To get past.

What if I didn't care
Would the tress out-grow me?
And sheeps eat my little rose?
Being old is to count
Everything that matters
Grown-ups they're all too weird.

A lamplighter lights the fire
A man lives by his desire
A prince has tamed a fox
'cause his heart is enough.

But now I have to leave
To my little planet
I think someone there needs me.
Read the book "The Little Prince" and wrote a song about it. These are the lyrics in poem-style hehe.
Martin Kroyer May 2014
She's well aware
that no one ever cared
for her touch.
thats why she touch
all of my guts
with her scare.

Painting my eyes until i cant see anymore
that's why im sitting on the floor.

Both of my hands
were used by the man
to dream
but as it seems
everyone could dream
but i can't.

My mind is nailed to the girls my eyes wouldn't lose
skinny bones walking the ground I use.

My spine is tied to the sheets
And purple and the doors
Was followed far too deep.
With your fingers behind my teeth
And your mouth so soft
And everything's so sweet.
Music and wires and my dreams
So softly they would die
With you and with me.

Before that I brake
By the movements she makes
In me.
I told of the need
And the movement of me
She takes.
Lyrics to a song I wrote :)
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