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Maria Cordero Dec 2015
I love you
Please don't forget about me
Love, family, personal
Maria Cordero Oct 2015
I want you to know
I've loved a thousand before you
And I'll love thousands after
But you are here
Right now
Maybe forever
Maybe a chapter
And I also want you to know
I'm desperately afraid
You will destroy me
And I'll enjoy every second
Maria Cordero Aug 2015
Oh My, I'm falling fast
And I'm falling hard
I want to know
Who you are
What you've seen
Where you've been
Why you're around me
And how your day was, darling

Oh My, It can't be love
It's too soon
But *******
I've been swooned
Every moment, second, hour, day, minute
Throughout time
I'm thinking of you
Distracted by you
Consumed by you, babe

Oh My, You feel amazing
Every touch
Every caress
Event single ******* moment when you're in me
You feel perfect, my like
Maria Cordero Jul 2015
My lips go numb
everytime we kiss
& my body shakes
everytime we touch
I still feel you hours later

I want to memorize
your flesh, your breath, your scent
& every curve through your body

I can't stop thinking about
your past, present, future
& how I want to be there for it all
And never letting go

I need to tell you everything about
my past, present, future
& how I want us to become one
How I need you accept all of me
And never let go

I want you to keep
tracing your fingers along my flesh
inhaling my breath as I speak
memorizing my scent as I don't pay attention
& I'll welcome you everytime
With your curves against mine

I wish
your lips, skin, bones
become numb everytime I touch you
& I hope your body shakes for hours after
Just like mine
Maria Cordero Jul 2015
I was choking, and
You were a breath of fresh air.
I won't recover.
Maria Cordero Jun 2015
Heart is glowing. Mind
Spinning. Deep breaths. Eyes shining.
You feel beautiful
Maria Cordero Jun 2015
A Christian Man, eh?
I'm finding it difficult,
Though, to see your heart
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