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Dec 2015 · 336
Maria Cordero Dec 2015
I love you
Please don't forget about me
Love, family, personal
Oct 2015 · 300
I hope you know
Maria Cordero Oct 2015
I want you to know
I've loved a thousand before you
And I'll love thousands after
But you are here
Right now
Maybe forever
Maybe a chapter
And I also want you to know
I'm desperately afraid
You will destroy me
And I'll enjoy every second
Aug 2015 · 5.7k
Oh My
Maria Cordero Aug 2015
Oh My, I'm falling fast
And I'm falling hard
I want to know
Who you are
What you've seen
Where you've been
Why you're around me
And how your day was, darling

Oh My, It can't be love
It's too soon
But *******
I've been swooned
Every moment, second, hour, day, minute
Throughout time
I'm thinking of you
Distracted by you
Consumed by you, babe

Oh My, You feel amazing
Every touch
Every caress
Event single ******* moment when you're in me
You feel perfect, my like
Jul 2015 · 953
2 weeks (Drunk in Like)
Maria Cordero Jul 2015
My lips go numb
everytime we kiss
& my body shakes
everytime we touch
I still feel you hours later

I want to memorize
your flesh, your breath, your scent
& every curve through your body

I can't stop thinking about
your past, present, future
& how I want to be there for it all
And never letting go

I need to tell you everything about
my past, present, future
& how I want us to become one
How I need you accept all of me
And never let go

I want you to keep
tracing your fingers along my flesh
inhaling my breath as I speak
memorizing my scent as I don't pay attention
& I'll welcome you everytime
With your curves against mine

I wish
your lips, skin, bones
become numb everytime I touch you
& I hope your body shakes for hours after
Just like mine
Jul 2015 · 1.2k
Like Poison
Maria Cordero Jul 2015
I was choking, and
You were a breath of fresh air.
I won't recover.
Jun 2015 · 537
Maria Cordero Jun 2015
Heart is glowing. Mind
Spinning. Deep breaths. Eyes shining.
You feel beautiful
Jun 2015 · 433
Number... Whatever
Maria Cordero Jun 2015
A Christian Man, eh?
I'm finding it difficult,
Though, to see your heart
Jun 2015 · 1.4k
The Taste of Broken Flesh
Maria Cordero Jun 2015
I'd hate to be. The unlucky one. I spew all over. A whole rainbow of letters. Roy G Biv, baby. Get it?  Because I've held back for. Too long. Held in. Too much. There will be nothing left. I'll tear you down. Drag you to Hades with me. It won't be peaches and cream. Like Persephone. It'll be ugly. Disgusting. Unclean. Mean. I've bit my tongue for too long. Tasted too much blood. Nursed too many scars. When the day comes. No one will be okay. All souls disconnected. Minds altered. And if you stick around. For some more...God rest your soul
Jun 2015 · 1.2k
Maria Cordero Jun 2015
I'm a cat lady
Now all I need are cats, and
A battery friend
Maria Cordero Jun 2015
The sweet taste of hope
The spicy taste of thrill
The bitter taste of reject
The sour taste of neglect

You learn to love the taste of bile
Everything comes up
But you keep it in
Everytime. The pain almost hurts more

You learn to hate the taste of blood

Tongue in pieces
Soul is shattered
You can't find the words for how
empty & small
You've always felt inside

So you shape. The physical
To become the emotional

Maybe you'll find the words if you can visualize

Maybe if I see
I can understand
I feel so
Impractical & Frail
Jun 2015 · 564
Poison Envy
Maria Cordero Jun 2015
Bile creeps. No warning.
Green tastes bitter. Never sweet.
Swallow it. Don't speak.
Jun 2015 · 936
Someone Somewhere
Maria Cordero Jun 2015
Baby I've got an arsenic bite and killer stare
There's a lock for my heart and a storm for a mind
And my soul is a hazy crazy surprise

But just wait it out
And maybe you'll find
Your gentle hands intertwined with my fists
And your supple skin against my thorns
And your heaven enveloping my hell

You'll see what no one else could find
And you'll listen to what no one else could hear
And you'll say what no one else had words for

And you'll maybe...
Want me

Because Baby you made me soft and I can't
let you go
Mar 2015 · 4.0k
The City
Maria Cordero Mar 2015
I'm in the city
The city with the lights
And I haven't thought of you
Except in the quiet night
Though tonight I met someone brilliant
Different than you
Spectacular in my eyes
I forgot about you
Until the quiet of the night
Mar 2015 · 3.1k
To Touch
Maria Cordero Mar 2015
I've never wanted
something more. But it seems to
be received the least.
Jan 2015 · 198
All I thought today was you
Maria Cordero Jan 2015
And I have so much
To say. But not enough room
To fully love you
Dec 2014 · 547
I never was ready
Maria Cordero Dec 2014
I met you--a breath of fresh air

Everyone talked and we played pool
I was sixteen and insisted nothing

I sipped
You flirted
At twenty you preyed on the naive

And then there were three
A bottle of gold and a hot tub for gods
I should have stopped drinking
But you were creeping

Years passed
Friends gone
Friends new
Mind still *******
And all I wanted was sleep
Maria Cordero Dec 2014
The moment when
Being alone takes over
And all you can do is cry
On your own shoulder

When no one is around
To understand how you feel right now
All you can do is take a bow
And survive the night somehow

She never wanted to need you
But when she knows you'll understand Better than she can
She can't help but wonder if you're lost

Your best is out in the wild somewhere
And he can't understand
How alone you feel
Though you're surrounded by dozens
Dec 2014 · 291
To see you
Maria Cordero Dec 2014
With your rose eyes
And your ocean lips
Oh yes
I am in love with someone
Who has yet to exist

That morning in the kitchen
When we both reached for the eggs
I don't even like most breakfast foods
But your face looked like a glorious sun

Our hands touched first
And I flinched
Yet, I can't believe I don't know
What it feels for you to exist

Everyone knows what it's like
To want the one they love
I just want to know what you look like
And to meet you for once
Nov 2014 · 9.0k
We Were Promised
Maria Cordero Nov 2014
We were promised
Glitz and glam
Love and security

Never the beating down
Of our own
Never the feeling
Of an unlovable soul

Waterfalls into the night
We all know something ain't right
The nonsensical millennial
Smokes into the night

The harder we work
The harder we fall to our dying depths
And you wonder why
We haven't slept yet

We were promised
And now we are *******
Sep 2014 · 890
Maria Cordero Sep 2014
I don't want to
Throw up or Cry
& Overthink everything
At the same time

But I'm drunk
And it seems to be all
Which comes to mind

I really shouldn't drink so much
But who is to tell me
What to do
When all I need is rent
& food is a secondary expense

This adulting thing doesn't bode well
Too many bills
Too many responsiblities
Too many expectations

With blood comes too many questions
And isn't it easier to
Tell a story than
Actually speak the truth
May 2014 · 275
Won't back down
Maria Cordero May 2014
You tell me I'm aggressive. Yes.
I'm will say ****, and curse, and fight
When I don't like what's being said to me.
And about me.
I don't care if it's a joke.
It bothers me.
It's part of who I fundamentally am.
I shouldn't say sorry for being hurt by your teasing.
Especially a topic that gets me going.
I'm going to bite back.
And I refuse to be a lady.
Not sure what you were expecting.
But I won't back down.
I hope you're okay with it
Because I refuse to change for a man.
You're great and all.
I really do think you're cute.
But I'm my own first love.
And hot ****, that crush is moot.
Apr 2014 · 719
Maria Cordero Apr 2014
If it was 10 degrees warmer
I would take a midnight walk
To the corners of the city
And weep silently

If it was 5 degrees warmer
I would take a midnight run
To the edge of town
And profess my want of your touch

If it was 5 degrees colder
My legs would buckle
And my I would crumble down
From my beating heart

But this is the temperature I know
So I don't walk to ease my fears
I don't run to greet your lovely face
And I don't fall under the weight of my world

Instead I keep true to home and stay
On the edge of emotion
Swallowing my tears
Waiting for something to topple over
Feb 2014 · 549
A Fading Future Memory
Maria Cordero Feb 2014
I can't stop thinking
About you.
My mind is cluttered

Your dark as day tresses
Your sweet-supple-spicy lips
The way your eyes turn from brown to blue in seconds
Whenever I have a single moment of self doubt

I can hear you, feel you
The raspy highs and lows
Your smooth callous caress
How you're both small and giant all at once
Squeezing me in your tender arms

And you know everything
How a ***** kitchen angers and frustrates me
But my room is messy as ****
And the litter hasn't been changed in a week
You won't know how you understand a girl
Who never understood herself

Yet, I can't see you
Like that dark winter night freshman year
You're an image I can't fully grasp
I swear I'm looking everywhere
The picture was always fuzzy

I don't know if I'll meet you
My faraway fading future memory
Until we meet again
My sweet
My dear
My love
Jan 2014 · 507
Maria Cordero Jan 2014
You may not be the reason I cry
But you're the reason at this very moment

It's almost symbolic even

And you don't even notice that I'm looking at you with eyes of

& Honesty

Because it's not that I love you always
It's that I love you in this exact moment
Fully & completely
Love, like, crush, unrequited love, always, regret, deceit, love, honesty

Because who cares about the past, the moment you decide you want them to be yours and them theirs, their past and future become yours and if you cannot accept that...***** you
Oct 2013 · 459
On a Clear Night
Maria Cordero Oct 2013
A moon pulses through the night
Orange, dusty, and cloudy
It tries to keep the lit run going

The moon pulses through the night
Little girls and boys, keep watch
The Moon might disappear and fall apart
Hold onto its promises, squeeze them

Hearts beat through the night
If it beats, it's strong
So nothing is wrong
Hearts don't disappear and fall apart

My moon barely pulses through the night
Oct 2013 · 408
In the Sheets
Maria Cordero Oct 2013
What's done is happened
Wonderful each time
But You need to leave

Please leave the scent of your skin
And Your wild hair
Your thoughts and dreams too
They inspire me like none other
That's a difficult quality to find
But You can leave

Leave Your tender touch
The beautiful toned muscle
Arching with every move
Toes curling, hair unfurling
Sheets tangled up in the heat
But You can leave
Aug 2013 · 679
Including this haiku
Maria Cordero Aug 2013
I'd rather cough blood
Than say your ****** **** name
You ruin everything
Aug 2013 · 1.0k
A Modern Woman's Credo
Maria Cordero Aug 2013
Am I beautiful enough?
For the wicked and the ******
To live without care
To meet expectations force-fed unto me

Am I beautiful enough?
To walk the hall and make jaws drop
To tempt Adam and live in Eden
To bring the Archangel to his knees

Am I beautiful enough?
To be in magazine spreads
To see my body in Times Square
To make all women turn green

Am I beautiful enough?
So intelligence does not matter
To be in the eye of the beholder
To be loved
*To be free
This poem is still a work in progress. The original was accidentally erased, so I quickly came up with an I'm not yet fully satisfied with. (I might even change the title. In fact, I already have something in mind)

EDIT: I changed the title. It originally was "Am I Beautiful Enough?"
Aug 2013 · 519
Maria Cordero Aug 2013
With eyes rolled back
And a chest pointed up
Memories flee my mind and flood the room

Olive skin and curly black hair
I can still feel your stormy eyes on my naked skin
While you sing sweet nothings as I become

But it's all so brilliant, remembering you
Flesh on flesh, so easy and so quick
I wish the thoughts wouldn't linger

The moments are dusty and rusty
I'm nauseous thinking of her
It's been so long since our eyes touched
I need another muse to stop imagining you

Yet you keep sneaking into the dark lonely cracks of the night
Maria Cordero Jun 2013
But, every single
song reminds me of You and
Your stupid guitar
Apr 2013 · 838
The Secret
Maria Cordero Apr 2013
There seems to be a question
A question everyone knows
A sentence everyone can answer

What is the answer?
What is the question?

Is there something I missed
that day in fourth grade when I was sick with the flu?
Or was it that day in fifth grade when my parents' were in custody court
and I spent the day in its own child care?

Or was I there
perfectly sound and perfectly okay?
Was I talking too much to my neighbor?
Yet, she seems to remember that happened.

A secret question not tested on
Though one that made you a better person
One which makes us more well rounded

Why do I feel like everyone knows something I don't?
Are they laughing at me?
What did I miss?
What did I forget?
Mar 2013 · 653
Maria Cordero Mar 2013
Two carefree souls trying not to collide
Silk linen enveloping each other whirling around and around and around in the boundless spiral competing to consume
Never touching and already hopeless
Together moving but standing still, struggling for ambiguity
Entranced by each other, nobody moves
Bursting with anticipation and hesitation
An adventure of the worst kind
No one dares step forward
Neither steps back
An ancient thought spent before it began
Exhausted before they had a chance
No one heard it happen – no one would even believe it
Two reckless souls crashed long ago
Mar 2013 · 1.0k
Maria Cordero Mar 2013
Summer began when you appeared
Friday night and too many Coronas
You took over my body on her couch
I knew it was bad – but I was had
My stupid-drunken-self stumbled home
And your arm was around my waist
In twenty minutes you convinced me
In twenty minutes you unraveled me
In twenty minutes you ravished me

For that month you hardly left the bed
I could smell you hours later
And welcomed it back every time

We ******
You rambled
You left
I cried
(My friends hate you)
You came back
It happened once again
(but I drank the rest of your wine)
The Month was over

Too much cheap ***
Too much cheap tequila
Too much cheap beer
I danced in a cage
A Pink Lady called at 1am
Aladdin answered
Or was it Genie?

Beauty and delight, talking to you
Beauty and delight, ******* you
I want to love you, but the idea is far better
You’re the worst kind
Completely right in every way
Completely wrong in every way
I can handle it, I swear
You just need to shut up

The smell of your skin lingering
The silk of your hair tingling
It’s all I feel walking home
Such a shame, the two of us
Mar 2013 · 1.6k
A letter to my Mother
Maria Cordero Mar 2013
What a summer
Such a dream
You’re getting married
And then she is staying until the trees wilt away

Don’t you know
It’s just a present
I’m leaving for good
3000 miles away I’ll stand
But I’ll still love you
Please understand

It’s hard here
It’s rough here
I have not felt much love here in such a long time
The nightmares leave me scared

One time we left
No one knew
Grain creeping between my toes
Salt sniffing my nose
I couldn’t ask for a more beautiful day
Happiness is in the moments, they say

I’ve had far more moments here than there
I can’t seem to remember much from before
It’s blurry and slurry
Like that night in that house
Where he crept in like a mouse

You’ll be happy in this life
I’m not worried
Have faith in my actions
I know what I want
I know what I need
I just wish I knew what I was doing
I wish I knew where I am going.

— The End —