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Dancing alone
With the company of a thousand stars
Dancing alone
Waiting for someone to love you as you are

I’m the midst of a crowd
Always in, but never a part
Sitting to the side
Creating your own art

On the outskirts of the world
Observing but never knowing
Where you truly belong
So on the waves of the world you keep rowing

Never giving up
Even when the sky is black
And the stars are gone
You know there is no going back

So do what you love
Breathe in the view
And know you are enough.
A happy turn to what I normally write, I’m trying to be more positive. You are enough, your art is good, keep going don’t just do what everyone else is doing do what you love and know you look beautiful doing it.
You said
“Let’s just be friends”
I never thought
That’s how it would end

Who’s fault is it
This pain in my chest
Can I blame you?
Or should I give it a rest

I knew you were no good
From the second
I looked up at you from my hood

Gazing into your perfect eyes
I knew what was next to come
Would not be wise

But I threw caution to the wind
And so too you threw me away
My former friend
Thoughts on a recent relationship and the breakup after
Hands all over me
Softly carressing all of me
Sensations I didn’t know I could feel
Is any of this
Even real?
You lifted me up and laid me down
Skin to skin
Lips to lips
I felt your hands
Move down my hips
Your eyes so bright and blue
Bringing up these feelings
So strange and new
One night full of bliss
Who knew
I would have to pay like this
A **** Boy
That’s all that you are
I see that now
Just a shooting star
One minute
You bring me hope and light
But you’re always gone
Before the end of the night
Boys will be boys
She said
As if warning me
Not to trust
A word he said
A blank slate
An empty plate
A finished meal
The same old wound
That just can’t heal
Stuck in a row
No place to go
Been here an eternity
Lungs fueled by depravity
Smoking up this stuff
Just staring ahead
Longing for my bed
But this line won’t move
I’m stuck in this place
Nothing to do
But dwell on my disgrace
I take a step forward
And he cuts line
Taking away
All that was mine
Two steps back now
It’s just how it goes
Will I be forever?
God only knows.
Depression and ****
Dimly lit rooms
In the dead of the night
Dimly lit thoughts
In my bed without light
I lay with these thoughts
Racing through my head
All these voices
Whispering in my bed
Voices of the night
Pillow talk
I run, take flight
I can’t even walk
I’m stuck in an up,
In a down
I bow my head
Only I know of my crown
I wear it for this kingdom below
I wear it for the sins
I chose not to show
You want to talk
And you want to hear
But you can not ever know
Who I am, my dear.
People act like they want to know you. But do they? They act like your story is something special, but if something is special you don’t give it to just anyone do you?
All the people I used to know
All those who used to know me
They outnumber those I know now
Seeing them happy
And all the biggest moments they live out
Watching from the side lines
As they post about all the awesome things
That keep happening to them
I see them all
But I’m never there
I’m not the one holding the camera
Smiling and laughing with them
I just leave a comment
Let them know I’m happy their happy
Which I am
I want them to be happy
I just wanted to be happy with them
I guess I never realized that was so much to ask
It ***** when the people who you used to value the most kinda forget you exist
I desire
To write something good
I want
To write words of hope
But I think
To write such beautiful words
You need
To have something beautiful inside you
I’m afraid
That that’s simple not my case
So it’s just
These weird lines I write
That have
No real meaning or merit
And no one
Understands what they all really mean
Neither do I though
Just a poem
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