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mak Dec 2016
once you forget how my lips taste

maybe then you'll regret making me second place
mak Jul 2016
Im not in water but i am drowning

My own skin suffocating me

I can't breath

I tread for hours

I am tired of fighting

Just let me breath
mak Jul 2016
And I find comfort
At the bottom of a swimming pool
mak Jul 2016
Hello again
Haven't seen you in awhile
Hows the darkness
You look different
Did you miss the light
Are you here to hurt me
Your reminding me again
Please go away
I don't want to see you
Go back to the dark
Why aren't you leaving
Go away
I thought you were gone
mak Jul 2016
Its late
My head is an intersection of speeding thoughts running red lights
I have every intention not to talk to you
Not to wake you up in the early hours
But everything is traveling so fast and i wish i could just stop
mak Jul 2016
The kiss you lay upon my skin
Healed every bruise present from his sins
the scars on my body disappear with your whisper
Your voice left me wondering
Why would he hit her
I regretted letting tears fall as one hit your hand
Right as i was falling
You helped me land
I feel your arms snake around my body
Protecting me from the nightmares
At night when they haunt me
And maybe later i will get over it
But when im alone
I never forget the sound
Of his hit
  Jul 2016 mak
we're here and we're reading
you lost souls, you bleeding
the poets collective dead poets connected
with a near perfected objective
of hearing your prayers when no one else will
while dissecting the layers in your soul or your quill
we're here and we're reading
please keep writing i'm pleading
for whether I'm screaming or weeping
believe that you're the reason I'm breathing
sorry for the 'you' 'you' 'you's
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