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miguel Jan 2018
oh, whimsical mind,
full of magic and zest!

you're on another journey
one whole new conquest;

though you're fast on your feet,
quick to open a new treasure chest,

now is the time to settle down,
and let me ******* rest.
it is 4:22 am aaaaaaaaaa
miguel Dec 2017
there's a long way
to go before
we get home.

it's odd how i
find comfort walking
in these deep, dark

maybe i don't need to
let the light shine
on the pavement.

but maybe,
i just do not
have to.
i hope i don't get englufed in the darkness.
miguel Nov 2017
i will love
you. i

know you
are hiding some-
where. for-

ever so far,
it is still
out there.
this is a play on lineation. i hope you find the deeper meanings.
miguel Oct 2017
in place,

somehow, things are
exactly where things
are supposed to be.

this is
where you

now, rest.
My first poem. (The date matters.)

— The End —