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  Nov 2018 Lil Sunflower
Mike Hauser
one fine day
it all came true
like a piece of cake
every i love you
every knowing nod
every gentle nudge
as you count the cost
on every thought of love

one fine day
all the day could do
was to make its way
through its daily loop
with one end up
and one end down
being simple enough
with love around

one fine day
out of the blue
life ran its course
on a whistles tune
on a gravel road
under a quarter moon
to the simple truth
of i love you
  Nov 2018 Lil Sunflower
I have no reason to be sad.
I have food on my table,
I live in a luxurious stable,
I’m not disabled nor financially unstable.
Everything I want, I had.
So please explain to me how I went all bad?
when you look at me and smile it's like for a split second everything stops and your smile pierces through all of the bad in life and all is well again.
  Nov 2018 Lil Sunflower
If I sit in a corner, they all think I'm sad
Fine, whatever
If I'd rather stay in my room, they all think I'm moody
I'm growing sick of this
If I don't feel like talking, they say "Oh, she's a teen"
Can you please stop?
Maybe I actually don't like it when you make assumptions about me
So as much as I love you,
Leave me be
Can't I just sit around and... normal?
  Nov 2018 Lil Sunflower
I wanna talk about you
And the things I miss about you
But you see, my pen is broken
And my heart has lost its rhythm
The words are crooked
And the paper is nothing but rejection
But let me just write this down
You were the kind of love
I planted on a flower ***
You were the kind of love I watered with silence
And you were the kind of love
That blossomed from a distance
And you were the kind of love that was just as equally painful
And yet it was also as hauntingly
  Nov 2018 Lil Sunflower
Alana Jones
Everyone is beautiful in their own way, but not everyone is beautiful.
  Nov 2018 Lil Sunflower
Im so tired
Mentally unstable
Sane ish

This is meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Schools driving me crazy ish
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