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Triste May 11
Sumikat ang araw sa puso ko
Tinangay ang mga ulap sa isipan
Sa wakas may ngiti na sa mga labi ng umaga
At ang gabi ay tumahan sa lilim ng iyong mga mata
Ang kinang ng mga tala ay lumulutang sa ibabaw ng karagatan
Habang ang oras ay naglalayag sa asul na kalawakan
Mga salita kong binulong sa hangin
Naging paru-paro sa iyong mga kamay
Mga paa kong ligaw ay nakatagpo ng hiwaga sa mga yapak mo
At sa himig ng mga iiwanang bakas ay mananatili tayo.
Triste May 4
I like the way you see things
And often times I wonder how it would feel like to see the world right through your eyes
The way midnight strikes in your heart
And the way your mind hatches with thoughts at 3am
The way words unravel the secrets behind your inaudible laughter
In the wee hours of the morning
When everything is still and silent
And all thoughts have not yet been taken
And maybe, even at a glance, the way that you see me too.
Triste Apr 26
I love sitting-on-park-bench like moments wishing I could suspend time indefinitely and I guess these are the kinds that stick with you and paint memories you dream could last a lifetime.
Triste Apr 11
So, you're the espresso shots mixed in that iced mocha, even without the whipped cream, even with the imperfections, even with the bitter taste, even when you're under the gray skies, even without the sunshine on your face, the ice chips melting, it was still delicious. But then you got me twisting and turning on this bed of half baked dreams, I curl up like an almond pretzel wishing I was wrapped around the warmth of melted chocolate chips. You turned my mind into a carnival, carousels of too many roundabouts, spin me deliriously inside these violent waves and rushing lava flows. I have been counting sheep and chasing cars, played lullabies and uttered lost riddles to the stars tonight. I have climbed the mountains high and touched the clouds above the seas. I have walked these shores of pure white sand and saw your reflection on the moon at night. This train of thought is completely off track or maybe I am just lost in time.                         Tell me, why is it so hard to fall asleep?
Triste Feb 24
If you were the sun
I would burn just to get closer
And if you were the moon
I would be a wish
Falling from the stars
And in darkness I'll hope
For your love
To light up the skies.
Triste Feb 9
Poetry has bones of truth
It believes in words
And moves with emotion
It screams with madness
And bleeds with reason
It confronts a denial heart
But can heal a broken soul.
Triste Jan 28
She loved him with so much certainty
It shattered their worlds apart
Then the truth pierced her
Like shards of glass
It cut too deep
And she bled with his lies.
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