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  Dec 2023 Triste
Pusang Tahimik
Dumating ka sa araw na di ko inaasahan
Waring bagyong malakas na dumaraan
Ang lahat sa akin ay dinadaanan
At walang bakas na hindi mo iniwanan

Sayo lamang ako nag bukas ng aklat
At pinakita ang aking mga sinulat
Ikaw na yata ang maglalagay ng pamagat
At mag tutuldok pagkatapos ng lahat

Sana'y hindi kana umalis
Sawa na akong mag walis
Nang kalat sa tuwing naiinis
Kapag ako'y naghihinagpis

Kaya sa aking bagyong natagpuan
Buhumos ka ng walang katapusan
Lunurin mo ako ng tuluyan
Sa desyertong mundong kinagisnan
Triste Oct 2023
When you’re broken
I’ll stitch you up in gold
And I won’t let your pieces fall
I will always love the light that reflects
your flaws
How you shine through my darkest bones
Triste Apr 2023
Silhouette words
And cherry lips
Your neon smile and lullaby eyes
Riddled by tongues
Stories of secret passages
Of our countless meaningful encounters
Triste Aug 2021
Let’s get on this train
Beyond the yellow line
We’ll never chase away the time
Our feet, bigger than the world beneath
It’s never too late
Hold my hand
We may never have this chance

In this ride
With you by my side
Scenes outside are changing
But you feel all the same

I look at you
Reason, deeply buried within those eyes

I’ll spread your smile
Across the distant seas
And keep this memory
Framed by overlooking trees
We don’t need to share a word
But we’ll talk about this someday

Your hair still smells like winter

It’s time to get off the train
Beyond the yellow line
There’s never enough time
Our feet, bigger than the world beneath

Pouring rain and shallow waters
Where do we go from here?
Do our hearts still burn?

We are never too late.
Hold my hand
I love you just the same.

This life with you
I lived every moment
Let’s talk about that ride
Beyond the yellow line
Our feet, still bigger than the world beneath
We were on time
Let’s talk about that train ride.
Triste Aug 2021
Your name hasn’t touched my lips
In a while
I wonder if it will hurt
My tongue
Or bring the butterflies
To life
Triste Jul 2021
Your heart beats
Like soft ocean waves
Glistening eyes
Made of purple and grey skies
Your smile beams like golden sunsets
Your breath like crisp ocean breeze
You are a mid-summer dream
Of a never ending skyline
  Jan 2021 Triste
Mitch Prax
To this day,
your name
still hurts my tongue
but I still say it anyway.
Sometimes I like to
hear my soul
gently tear itself
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