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You're like a conversation that I carry in my head
I can't remember voices, I've forgotten what you said
But just because the words are gone, devoid of any breath
It doesn't mean I've let you go to die a little death

I wanted to make room for both our bodies to be near
They hold the very thoughts that I was certain I could hear
And just before I recognized the face that covered yours
I put a lock inside of me to keep away the ******

But I can see their shadows making shapes beneath my feet
They're pacing 'cross the floor all day and night, they never sleep
I know I told you everything, I hope that you did too
For now that we are separate, remind me *what to do
short term memory loss
 Aug 2014 Leelan Farhan
Daniel N
Ghostly figure
Full of woe
Holding out a hand

Cold air
Drowns the lungs
Shatters the heart

Cries of help
Tin foil hug
Never stops

Invisible chains
Shivering spine
Screeching throat

Terrored spirit
No hope
No one

No one there
&I; can't quite remember
exactly what you smell like or how you taste
but I know you're there in my mind
in the recesses
Because I can soak in the water for a million years but I can't
wash away your whispers,
I can't
scrub off your sentiments,
I can't
clean off your kisses
I can't
Oh, I can't
about the lullabies I'd sing.
I'd hoped to have left a trail of crumbs to map my imminent return but
either the birds have had their fill
or my wretched hands have forgotten.
And though the steps I take are full,
it seems as though I have not allowed the whole of my foot
to kiss the ground;

I will not succumb to that place.
I will not belong to that place.
The trees would weep to remember my face.
Punk lips in perpetual paralysis,
and they're too afraid to let them kiss.
Too afraid to try to let it last
because of the blurs in their past.

I think the kids are in trouble.
Hanging out with temporary people;
making the wrong times never stop.
Smoking dreams with glass lovers
to indie sonnets and neon power pop.

The world knows they can pretend,
and it's their hearts they can't defend
from the illusion of what they could be,
and the loneliness of what they'll never see.

They skate the pavement until the sun sits,
and drink ***** from water bottles until their hurt slurs.
It's the preparation of tomorrow and what it may not bring
that makes every moment before, everything.

They're scared because it's real,
and I'm scared because they're scared.
 Mar 2014 Leelan Farhan
I thought i could save you
but i forgot i'm just as mortal
as you.
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