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Daniel N Dec 2014
broken words

the flowing tears
as i write the broken words
they cut like a sword
i am floating away
from who i am
who i was
lost within this paradise
of torn hands and feet
shallow pits in graves
narrow boulders pushed
and shoved and heaved and,
Not by a simple stroke but instead
a sweeping weapon of justice
for there sits a throne of thorns
blood-stained and cursed with hurt
this isn’t my place to be
i am not meant to heave
so heavily and deeply in this panicked state
my mind is just an endless war
filled with a sea of sorrow
remaining hollow naught for one thing
a yearning dream
to escape these shackles
i am bound to those broken words
my feet etched into the ground
my love crashing like a plate
my will broken and my future stolen
  Aug 2014 Daniel N
Leelan Farhan
I am as empty as they come
a ship with holes in its floorboards;
life seeps in and out of me, a constant balance of nothingness.
I'm aware of the input, but it slides out from underneath me
before I have a chance to bid it a proper goodbye.

I am as empty as they come
a disillusioned body suffering from disorders of the mind;
a carcass of medication packaged neatly with skin and vacant eyes.

I am as empty as they come:
An abandoned ship,
An abandoned mind,
the disillusioned eyes of the blind.

I am as empty as they come.
But I too,
was once filled to the brim
with heart-pounding vigor.
© Leelan Farhan
   August 4 2014
Daniel N Jul 2014
and in that instant
lightning struck
the clouds cleared
and all that was there
was the deep sea of your eyes
and the richness of your voice
silently pushing us together
with nothing but sweet harmony
holding us in place
the flames burned around
soaking us in its radiance
then all of a sudden

i felt the rain once again
Daniel N May 2014
Ghostly figure
Full of woe
Holding out a hand

Cold air
Drowns the lungs
Shatters the heart

Cries of help
Tin foil hug
Never stops

Invisible chains
Shivering spine
Screeching throat

Terrored spirit
No hope
No one

No one there
Daniel N Mar 2014
each word pumps into my heart like a machine
jumping from letter to letter
your syllables in sync with the beat
as the blood leaks through
i yearn for the taste of your sweet tongue
the way it's hidden beneath your tender smile

each word is the energy that controls my desire
never leaving my brain
word by word you break my armour
crumbling under the pressure of your warm embrace
i try to reach for the moon
swimming under the sparkle of your eyes
only to crash-land in a sea of laughs
where nothing is said
except for the whispers of our passion
underneath the bed sheets where devotion shines

- dan
Daniel N Feb 2014
i was taught that
it takes about 80 milliseconds
for thoughts to be processed
so i ask myself everyday
why does my brain choose
to break my heart
80 milliseconds before i think of you
Daniel N Feb 2014
i can feel my heart BEAT
for your touch
i can feel my body ACHE
for your warmth

hell you know how cold i get
all i want is your embrace
and my arms around you
and to hear your heartbeat
like the soft plays of drums
they will play a song that only you and i can hear

and the world won’t be so cold anymore
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