Lady Luna Aug 11

I find my ribs having trouble staying in place
as my heart is constantly pushing against them,
in search of more room as it is overflowing
with anguish, confusion, misunderstandings,
and love and hope and lust.

I find my brain is constantly drowning
as my thoughts won't stop flowing
and my blood is constantly rushing to my head to stop it.

Maybe if I was dizzy too
I would be able to get a clear view
on why
my life is spinning right out of my hands.

Is this the end of the line for
two bodies constantly tangling their souls
in hopes that their demons will be
wrapped away with the bliss of it all.

When it all unravels, nothing has been solved
Foolish of us to think that are demons were
choking each other to death.
You and I, of all people, should've realized
they were fucking with no intentions of pulling out.

So, where does that leave us?
Twisted and tired?
Hopeless and hurt?
Worse than where we started and better off alone?

But that piece of me that found a home in your hands
and an ocean in your soul
Still slams its hands on the cages of my ribs
begging me to give this one last chance.

Is this all there is?

Lady Luna Aug 11

Inside her is the season of spring
relentlessly reminding her that it is
the same rain that drowned her in the winter
that keeps her from wilting under the sun.

don't you worry, darling, the sun will shine soon.
Lady Luna Aug 11

Meaningless requests pacing through my ears,
racing to my heart in hopes to coax
the cynical brain that guards it.

Words molded like molasses, sweet at first taste,
but overconsumption only causes
internal decay and abandonment
accompanied with dismay.

Lips remained sealed,
but lord knows I like the pain.
Heart in my throat,
pushing my tongue for one more taste.

I cave and allow my mouth to part ways,
against my better judgment
Suddenly the cages of my ribs rotted away
leaving my heart unprotected
when you looked at me and said
"I'm sorry, but I cannot stay."

Lady Luna Aug 10

Hair made of water,
eyes of ice,
heart a flooded river,
hands like knives.

Mind like a glacier,
legs like the skies,
feet made of feathers,
arms of branches, reaching new heights.

— The End —