Feb 3 Lady Luna
h u m a n
i used to think I was weak and delicate
that being a poet made me fragile

because when I wrote
it felt the same as exposing myself in public
there was an overwhelming sense
of dread and embarrassment
and I was ashamed
as if every word was another soft part of me
that I should keep hidden

it still hurts
when I am unraveling my intestines
or ripping open my heart
baring the darkest parts of my soul
breaking every single bone in my body
uncovering all my insecurities

make your pain into art

but the more you reveal your blood and guts
you lose the fear
and start to feel invincible

every poem
is an act of courage
  Feb 3 Lady Luna
he said/begged,
make love to me just like a woman!
kiss me toe to head, and linger on my neck,
trace my waist, begin at my lips, pause at my hips,
quibbles intersperse, quips and licks on eyelids
nibble me, near me, closer unto glorious victorious
near death experience...

whisper me sweet everythings
before during after and over again,
when u must pause to exhale, blow their warmth
upon thy fingers and bring their warmth inside

Columbus me with tongue and eyes,
take me slow then again,
even slower
than execute summary judgement
accept my every appeal to god
for heavenly mercy
then adjudge me guilty yet again
and to the tower take me
to drown in mine own lamentations
before thy execute me twice
for a very good and long measure

she said,
and so I shall,
do what you beseech,
most excellently seek

but you may recall,
somewhat earlier, I
called out
so you must start my dear,
by following
all the driving instructions you stated,
and bring your GPS,
I'm waiting...

too wit and sod this!
he gruffingly huffingly, hurrumphingly, replied,
all hell and damnation,
treat me like a woman just once please!"

can't can't can't - she bewitchingly cackled!

and sang to me the lyrical words
of a Nobel Prize winner!

You fake just like a woman
Yes you do, you make love like a woman
Yes you do, and then you ache just like a woman
But you break just like a little boy
Lady Luna Jan 31
Honey drips and drips
past the tips, tips
of your fingers
inhale, exhale
it often lingers
straight to Hell
with you and me
see, see,

So I rip and rip
and dip and dip
crush and stuff
light and puff
to forget I followed
  Jan 31 Lady Luna
Rohan Press
ambience echoes in caverns and
caves: i press my ear against
the wall and wait for your
Lady Luna Jan 31
Millions of lives taken by venomous men
consumed with jealousy and hate.
A 100 years passed and people still say
the authenticity of the murder, rape, and destruction
is up for debate

disguising the Ottoman's systemized holocaust
as a side effect of World War One,
But the Hamidian Massacres started
years before by an angry sultan

Who tried to eradicate our nation
only to fail and get over thrown by his own

Only for them to follow suit once they got the throne

And when the whole world was under destruction  
The "reformed" young Turks used it as a blanket
to finish a plan he constructed

And we were disregarded and obstructed  

Planned out modes of annihilation
Tactics to wipe out a nation
got swept under the sands of Der Zor
with the bones of starved children and pregnant mothers
Poured gasoline on our intellectuals and elite
and burned to the ground any chance
of someone warning our soldiers
Fooled our men to help fight for an army,
only to take them to their own burial grounds,

There was nothing but women, children, and elderly left
Stripped naked and asked to March to their death,
Dare they had stopped to take a breath,
Inhaling a sentence to their own death
A bullet lodged in their chest
but not before they were beaten, raped, and condemned

Littered the sea sides with corpses
who I hope will find rest
In the fact that our people thrived,
strong willed and filled with pride,
The Ottomans tried to wipe out are culture
but instead we spread all over

Now you will find an Armenian in every corner,
Are heavy hearts just make us more adept
to dealing with weight
But still we will not accept this to be the faith
Of our ancestors who were skinned, burned, and raped
Would you?
To all of my ancestors who were viciously dismembered and murdered by the Ottoman Empire. This does not get spoken about enough, but what my people went through has been weighing on me lately. I wrote this last April but let's fight for this in all months, not just April.
Lady Luna Jan 31
Clarity carves crevices creating
avenues altering adjacent abysses
Which were once thought of
as a waste of space.
Do not be afraid of what is pouring from the mouth
Of a man with closed eyes....
Adjust and close yourself into that space
for you are not a waste
Sometimes, cutting corners makes for
erasing the unnecessary
out of your perfect circle
No matter how crooked it may seem

Definitive decisions dare darting
thoughts to teeter tenaciously
till they are forced to stop polluting
your space with remnants of
what has been carved away
what you have carved away
Pathways to success were never made with
an unfamiliarity of depth, of dirt,
of falling,
and fearing, and failing
But it was also not made with foreign hands
or the vision of someone else
Do not heed the warning
of the man with closed eyes,
for he is incognizant of where
the cracks in your hands may take you.
You're gonna go far, kid.
  Sep 2017 Lady Luna
The people you let
Walk over you will complain
You're not flat enough
Don't let them
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