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Kamini Mar 2018
This tremor burns up my spine
As a vast ocean of aching promise
Washes up on the shore of my Being.

Why do I question the
Unknown territory of my heart
The shattered past has
no home there.

Why do I fear love
When it slips unsigned
Through the letterbox
Of my longing?

Like a seagull surfing the wind
My Soul hangs suspended
Wings open,
Waiting to swoop
into the embrace
Of the Beloved.
Feb 2018
Kamini Mar 2018
Entering the garden
Where Krishna plays
I taste the sweet music
Of your smile as a
Pair of pink lotus
Blossoms caress
In the stillness.

I listen to the flowers
Breathing their fragrance
Into the evening air
As I walk, bare hearted,
Through luminous grass
Damp with desire.

Entering the garden
Where Radha sighs
You touch my rawness
With your longing
Innocent of the storm
Brewing in my silence.

Then without warning
The clouds of grief break
To unleash a tsunami
That takes no prisoners.
Kamini May 2015


India, Feb 2015
Kamini May 2015
Feel the tremor…
…The flicker…
The static charge
Of bliss
Whisper HER sweet
Breath through
Your Being.

No time to stop,
No time to be waylaid
By Fears’ tearful face.
Kiss this moment awake
Caress it’s cheek,
Open your eyes
To the Beauty beating
In your trembling breast.
Kamini May 2015
Sometimes life is quiet, don't push.
There are no 'shoulds'.
Peace is inner silence,
Be still and listen to the
Quiet whisper of your soul.

She is powerful in her silence.
No need to make noise to be seen
No need to make show to be heard
Get in there, deep inside
And rest in the dance.

Know your flow that
Bubbles and burbles along.
Don't be clever, simple is good.
Simple is quiet.

She is sleeping in the shade,
Your inside self.
She who dances to the song
In your heart is quietly listening
To the rhythm of your soul beat.

Cradle your knowing,
Your hearts lullaby will
Rock your soul and
Fan the fire of sleeping passion.

Come little one your feet
Have wings that angels envy
And your eyes closed to darkness
Sparkle like a galaxy of stars
On a moonlit sea.

Come, rock gently, rest.
Sometimes life is quiet
Don't push or pull.
Listen to the hum of the silence
Be still, let HER dance.
2 May 2013
Kamini May 2015
Stain your body
With fingers dipped
In the colour of
Joy and peace
Wet with the tears
Of the World
And know HER

Drench your heart
In a shower of petals
Dripping with the sound
Of silent thunder
And sink deep
Into HER embrace.

Fill your womb with
Sweet nectar ******
From the agony and ecstasy
Of HER love making
And bleed compassion
Onto a parched Earth.
India, Feb 2015
Kamini May 2015
The bird by the river
Does not ask ‘why was I born?’
The bird by the river
She sings HER song.

The tree by the river
Asks not ‘what shall I do?’
The tree by the river
She blossoms and blooms.

The stones by the river
Ask not ‘wherefore or why?’
The stones by the river
Sit still and sigh.

The river
She sighs,
She dances,
She sings.
The river lets
Each moment
Give her wings.
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